Gifting Presence: Today & Everyday


How much presence are you gifting this season?


There are endless acts of loving kindness you can lavish on your beloved, loved ones and tribe this Christmas and every day.


Here are my 12 Stella Festive Fav’s to gift and receive, that cost next to nothing more than your presence (time / love / effort / thought …)




1. Safe Delivery – If you are driving a friend home after dark wait and see they get inside safe.

I’m also a fan of smiling, waving and blowing kisses to loved ones as they drive off down the road. It’s also always lovely being the person in the car too who looks back and sees your loved one still standing there smiling and waving at you as you scoot off!


2. Pick Up the Phone & Make a Call – Not a text, not a Whats’ap, not a Facebook Messenger smiley face or a quick email. There comes a time when if you haven’t seen each other for a while in person it’s time for a phone call (Skype / Google Hangout). If you care about your tribe member ask how they are and make that extra effort by taking time to speak with them.


3. Arrive On Time – This is pure respect. When you show respect it will be returned to you. (If you continuously rock up late your tribe will soon learn your style and they will be less likely to meet you half way, or invite you. Like wise, if you are always the one who cancels plans, last minute or otherwise, your tribe isn’t going to be counting on you).





4. ListenOh the fine art of listening. Ever find yourself in a conversation and all you’re really doing is pausing in speech for a moment while the other person talks, then you eagerly jump in to say what you want to say? That’s not a conversation and that isn’t active listening. Be attentive, be present, truly listen to what your triber has to share with you and if they seek it then offer advice, or a helpful question to prompt them to help themselves.


5. Arrive Full Hearted (& Handed) – If you are invited to a tribes home or space always offer to bring something (if it’s wine or a dish) and if they say they have that under control, take something anyway. The French do this and I LOVE IT! Arrive with a host/ess gift; some flowers, a little homemade treat, a scented candle for their bathroom or bedroom. This is about the thought, it doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate. It is a symbol of your appreciation for the time, effort and love they have poured into preparing the meal/event for you.





6. Offer To Clean Up – If they say no, do a little something anyway. This is always appreciated! Whether it’s taking the dishes into the kitchen, packing away food or helping with the washing up. It may even be holding their little one and just talking with your tribe member so they have free hands to do what they want to do and clean as they like.


7. Find Time – No matter how ‘busy’ you ‘think’ you are, if you value your relationship with self, with your spiritual practice and your beloved/s & tribe, you WILL find time to nurture these vital alliances. Quality time to nurture a relationship is like sunlight for a plant. Darkness alone will not allow anything you desire to flourish and grow. When is your next quality time tribe date?


8. Send Love, Good Vibes & Grace – When a beloved / tribe member pops into your mind that may be your Divine cue to contact them. If in the heat of the moment that isn’t an option send them Love, Good Vibes & Grace from your heart to theirs. (You can simply visualise energy, light, love, joy – whatever resonates with you – coming from your heartspace and going into theirs). *At times we may have judgments, criticisms or negative thoughts of ourselves and others that come into our mind – I challenge you next time this happens to send yourself and that person LOVE, GOOD VIBES & GRACE instead.




9. Connect – Make eye contact and smile at strangers as you walk down the street, let another car come in front of you or give them a car bay, say good morning to the dog walkers and joggers. This should be second nature. To connect with other souls in a simple, joyful exchange. How many simple, joyful connections can you ‘gift’ this season?


10. Express Words of Kindness – A compliment face to face, a heartfelt letter, a note in their bag, a Christmas card mailed filled with words of kindness … these can make a person light up. When was the last time you wrote a card and filled it with such love to a tribe member?


11. Loving Touch – Hug your tribe, give them kisses, snuggle with them, hold their hand, touch the cheek of their face, pinch their bottoms! Love them up in every way that feels right for you and them. Embrace the power of touch as a way to connect the flames in both your hearts; to each other and to Divine Source.


12. Serve.Serve.Serve – How can I serve my Beloved today? What simple act can I do to make today easier / happier / more joyous for my triber? Perhaps it’s making their lunch for them the night before and popping it in the fridge with a note on the bench so they get a surprise in the morning. Is it doing the laundry? Taking the children to the park so they can sleep in? Booking a restaurant and going to dinner? Giving them a massage before they fall asleep? Find a way and take action to help them in a way you know will make their heart beam.




May you have a Magically Stella, Festive Season Dear StellaSouls. I am sending you Love, Good Vibes and Grace for a glorious wrap up of this year and a brilliant start to our New Year in 2015 … the ‘Year of the Sheep’ (Goat) right around the corner!

May your Divine Self radiate out to all your tribe and beyond. May they be gifted with your presence and may your presence continue to be a Divine gift to yourself, your tribe and our Mother Earth.


With Love, Light & Joy, Elise / S*M

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  1. Courtney on July 27, 2015 at 7:31 pm

    Love these words and the good intentions behind this post.

    Sending YOU grace and light

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