The Mystics & The Esotericists ~ Blending Heart, Mind & Beyond

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Today more than ever, if we are to walk the Path we walk it not only for ourselves but, to purify ourselves to be channels of light to illuminate the way for others. We do so by harmonising and blending the Way of The Heart with The Way of the Mind. The Love with The Wisdom. The Mystical with The Esoteric. For the Mystic of yesterday is to become the esotericist of today.

Let’s explore some famous mystics and esotericists. How we can not only learn from them but, also how we can develop our heart mind connection to reach our highest potential and carry onwards and upwards the flame they bestowed upon our Way.

Together, We Also Explore

  • What is Mysticism?
  • Some famous mystics…
  • The Way of the Heart
  • Poetry by Hadewijch
  • The Way of the Mind
  • Modern Mystics & Practical Mystics
  • Well known esotericists
  • Wisdom | Mind
  • How do we shift from modern mystic to awakening the mind?…
  • Esoteric readings that may speak to you…
  • Where to look and what to look out for
  • Beyond the words – semantics, symbolism and the meaning of ‘man’
  • Study
  • Mind Meditation
  • Forms of practice before ‘meditation’
  • Training the mind
  • Wisdom quotes from Bailey & Blavatsky

Stella Excerpt

keep in mind, there is not one Path, there is never only one way. What works for you and I may be entirely different and that is perfectly fine. Just be honest with yourself that you are working on the mental/mind as well as your emotional/heart/astral and, body/physical.

Takeaway Gem

This esoteric way, of blending heart and mind is one of knowing that ‘what is outside is also within’ – that we are one; the microcosmic of the macrocosmic.

May you find your Way to blending the heart and mind as you walk your Path.

In Light & Love of the Soul, Elise | S*M

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