Truth, Beauty & Love; For Your Awakening




Some time ago now the words, “Truth, Beauty, Love” began coming to me as I sat in meditation. I’d never heard of these three words together like that. I knew “these are my values of sorts”, but not how they are deeply understood or, how and why they connect together.

In speaking with one of my teachers I was told this is what I seek and, they are my qualities. The teacher also mentioned, “The good, the beautiful and the true”… which I began to Muse on deeper.


Truth as the path of the Divine. For me personally having been hurt and deceived by others lack of truth, just as I am sure you have too, I committed to crusading for its purest form in more and more ways. Truth is also the science of the soul, helping and guiding you and I away from what is false and closer to what is true. But once we know something to be true we have a habit if holding onto it very tightly. Defending it even, as though at times it is a part of us. Ever done that? The issue here is that the truth you are holding may be ‘true’ but it still may only be one facet to the whole diamond. Making it incomplete. Thus, you are asked to embrace the continual evolution and deepening of truth. For as you grow, expand and evolve your connection to consciousness, so too will your truth evolve. I say this to highlight that ‘knowing’ something does not mean you have the wisdom of all knowledge associated. Simply put, truth grows as you grow towards the Light.


Love, ah love! I am not talking of Hallmark, ‘rom-com’, Mr Big, Mr Darcy or, girl next door adorable kind of shiny love. Love is one with Wisdom. They are part of the same luminous thread. Love is goodness, it is heart, it is the guiding light at the core of every religion, philosophy, faith and belief system. The connection to goodwill and the will to do good is rooted in love. This is part of having love in your heart for all. A striving for a selfless love. Not a glamourised, “I will give to you, if you give to me,” conditional love. Neither is it about affection or feelings, for love is not an emotion, nor a sentiment. Love is perceptive understanding. Love is the driving force of the world and the entire Universe, leading to unity, inclusiveness and integration. Love is not easy in its organic, authentic form. It will demand the most of you as it stamps out personal, selfish motivations and actions. Just ask the mother or father of a new born child or, a wise elder who has walked this path longer than you or I. They know.


Beauty is the harmony and synthesis. It said to be a feminine principle of love. The form and shape, the colour, scent, line and essence is aligned to beauty. Beauty is the arts. While it can be visual it can also be intangible, that certain je ne sais quoi of not knowing why or how but it just is, beautiful. One person’s beauty may not be another’s. But, when the depth of beauty is felt in its purest, rawest, most illuminated form, one cannot deny when something or someone is radiating and magnetising the allure of beauty.


It is in choosing Truth, Love & Beauty over ego (success for selfish gain), materialism (accumulation of wealth, money, ‘things’) and hedonism (pleasure of the lower animal nature and constant pursuit for unattainable satisfaction), that your path clears. Your ability to expand your consciousness, and consequently align with your highest purpose; how you can serve those you are here to serve with your unique essence, all can become embodied and embraced.


The Bhagavad Gita also describes “words which are good and beautiful and true” and Thich Nhat Hanh said, “The real object of our love is not outside of us, the real object of our love is ourselves.” This is because you and I first have to know how to love ourselves and return to our true nature. Which, is being able to see the wholesome, the good, the true and the beautiful within each of us. It is from this place of deep knowing, awakening from within if you will, that you can then truly see this also in others.


When you have seen real beauty, goodness, and truth in yourself and others, you will no longer live in a state of illusion; deceived by the outer adornments and glamourous shiny, sexy, quick fix and distracting things. When you also can begin to see people in the world deceive each other with illusions and glamour’s, instead of being hurt, or sad or angry you will feel compassion. A stirring fire within you may be flamed as you secretly trust they find their way within, just as you have found yours. This is a choice of non-judgment and loving kindness, of humility, as you are choosing to live from a place of truth, beauty and love.


And when you have found that object you have not stopped searching for in yourself, THEN you will be called louder than ever before to help and guide, support and teach others. You will be ready to serve from a place of integrity and authenticity. From a place of knowledge and the experience wisdom. You will also stop the disconnected wandering, from lifetime to lifetime of longing for truth, beauty and good in the world of illusions and purpose for selfish gain. Instead, your motivation, your will and inner drive, will be of a higher vibration. Perhaps, higher than you can even imagine right now.



The key here is to acknowledge the sense of lack that you feel in the first place. Right now, I bet there is something you think or feel if only you had it you would be better or more enough, whole or, complete … perhaps it’s that job opportunity, the car or holiday, those new to die for shoes, that book deal or, a million followers to go with your stream of clients and referral partners, maybe with a side serve of inner peace and an organic almond mylk turmeric latte …

When you feel you lack something you are not in a place of being whole unto yourself. By not feeling enough, your ego will be in overdrive. Telling you everything you need outside of yourself that will be the magic pill of your wildest dreams and sexiest fantasies. Deep down you know this feeling is one of isolation and separation. That’s the real strength of the ego. To divide and conquer. When the ego is not under your soul’s control and in alignment with your heart and mind this is its motive. But that isolation, that feeling of being cut off from something, from never being satisfied no matter if you got all of the above, plus time to binge watch your latest fav on Netflix and add a drizzle of chocolate on top. Why? Because you have not swapped all the false externalisation for true internalisation. You have not yet shifted; from giving in to every temptation, desire and sex impulse, to instead looking within yourself. That is where the joy is. THAT is your place of great awakening, after great awakening. And for the record, you don’t need to go off on a worldwide search of sacred temples to sit in to achieve this. You do not need to pay crazy amounts of money to go to rock concert style new age extravaganzas or quit your day job and stop shaving. You simply need look no further than where you are right now, and go within.


How can it be so simple?

Well, aren’t the best things in life simple?

Even if the good, the beautiful and the true take work; practice, dedication, time and effort and all of that jazz. There is an elegant simplicity to the very nature of what I’m sharing with you. And there is a part of you that knows it is true.


As a keen art eye would attest, ‘elegant simplicity’ is best. You do not need to over complicate and over stuff-ify your life and your pursuit to have it all. You just need to change your perspective of the pursuit, the perspective of life, what that is exactly and how best to achieve what you are really hungry for when all that is false, the illusions and glamours are stripped away.


The Buddha is said to have spoken, “How strange, all living beings have the basic nature of awakening, of happiness, of truth, but they don’t know it.”


If only in this lifetime you Awaken to knowing you really do have this within you.

If only you choose Truth, Beauty and Love. And, no longer continue drifting and drowning in the simulated ocean of all that is outside of you. Especially when you can swim, explore and bath in the infinite waters within to make your way beyond.

If only we all choose this, in the realisation of an awakening group consciousness, instead of individual wants, needs and desires for ultimately no gain of any value.

Awakened you are of greater service and awakened together we are powerful because we are united as one. One with ourselves, each other and all that is. That is the ultimate good, beautiful and true in ecstatic motion.


To your Awakening from Within,

With Love, Elise / S*M

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