10 Steps To Reawaken Your Sensual Self


In Tantra the art of raising consciousness resides in the sacred sexual and spiritual merging. This can be enhanced with the exploration of sensuality, as to truly connect with another on an intimate, heart connected, soul entwined level, you must first commit to exploring and reawakening you.

Owning and honouring your Divine self and all of who and what you are means starting with yourself, by yourself. For some it is easier to start mentally, energetically or with emotions and for others it is easier with the physical body and work in towards the heart and mind, soul and spirit. These 10 steps can provide an ideal place for you to explore and deepen your journey starting consciously with the body temple.

As an act of sensual reawakening this is something I suggest to clients and which I practice myself. Note the word ‘practice’, as it is less of a ‘doing’ and more of a conscious ‘being’, a presence with action. It is in being the witness to the unfolding of that which is awakening within in you that will allow your experience of self and spirit to change. Your consciousness is given time and space to heighten and your connection with self can expand to heart and beyond, to that which is greater though also within you.


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Start with creating a time and space just for you; on your bed, on a cushion in front of a mirror, on a towel in the backyard.

Slow down and connect with your body temple; ideally naked, perhaps fresh from the shower or after a warm bath.

Place some organic coconut, sweet almond or grape seed oil in your hands. Rub your hands together to create heat and set an intention such as “I am creating this space to honour and worship my Divine self, my body temple, my heart and my soul, for I am love.” Allow the right words to come to you and speak them out loud. You may like to repeat them in your mind as you continue this practice.

Place your hands on your body, wherever feels right for you. Perhaps you are drawn to your belly, your breasts or yoni* if you are a woman, or your inner thigh, lingam* if you are a man. *Yoni is female genitalia and lingam is male. Though starting with warming up your heart space or breasts before going to the yoni allows for your sexual energy to build and your sensual, juicy nature to soften you allowing a greater space to open for receiving.

Caress, lovingly touch or massage this area slowly, gently, with the intention of worship and reverence, not necessarily orgasm or any destination.

Breathe, complete deep breathing has the power to transform your life! Focus on deep fully belly inhales and slow, full exhales as your belly draws near your spine.

Relax into the physical connection by being alert to your emotions. How do you feel? What feels nice? What makes you feel juicy? Sexy? Awakened? Light? Safe? Protected? Nurtured? Curious? Loved?

Notice the energy shifting in your body. What are the subtle effects inside of you that you can begin to notice and become aware of?

Take your time and enjoy this, flow with the exploration and then sit with this, breathe this in, allow it to move through you.

When you feel ready say thank you to your perfect, Divine body temple and all that you are, and say thank you to any Divine grace that came through.


Know you can come back here, create this space and reconnect with yourself whenever you choose.


Enjoy the journey of awakening your sensual self, delving deeper into the Divinity that is you and your sacred body temple that is your most cherished home.


If you would like some assistance along your sacred sexuality and spirituality path or awakening the Divine Empowerment Within connect with me HERE.

With Love, Elise / S*M

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