16 Juicy Insights to Awaken Orgasmic Breasts (yours or your partner’s!)


All shapes, sizes, colours and sensitivity, breasts are too often seen as play toys for partners or something you wish was bigger, smaller, evenly sitting or that they would just fit perfectly into that next French lacy bra or svelte swim suit!


Oh, but Stunning Soul, your breasts are the ‘positive’ gateway of your inner Divine Feminine, your unique Goddess and Shakti essence. They sit either side of your heart chakra – which houses the power of love, compassion, kindness and, your greatest most miraculous gift of all, your ability for forgiveness. (One of my fav ‘F’ words!)


That said, neglecting your breasts can affect your heart and all it is capable of. We all know how common breast cancer is globally, so it makes you wonder what if you changed your relationship with your breasts today (or those of your partner)? What happens if you embrace your breasts as every bit of the perfection they are? And instead of ignoring them or wishing they were different embracing them as a Divine part of your Divine body temple. That’s what I would love for you today.


So, I’ve written some insights to inspire, encourage and enlighten so you can further explore how you can embrace and awaken the miracle of your orgasmic breasts.


image Helmut Newton


1. Breasts are key to your orgasmic experiences

They have the power to bring you to your deepest orgasmic state. They only ask you take your time, get to know them, find out what they like and how they like it …


2. Breasts are at the positive end of your sexual pole

Think of an inner battery, one end is your negative or cool end, this being the yoni/your female sexual reproductive area from the vulva to the vagina and beyond. The other is your positive end, your breasts. Energy is awakened here at the ‘positive’ heart space and flows and pulsates its way down to your ‘negative’ pole, your yoni space. Learning to send energy between these two points is part of the juicy sacred sexual journey. Learn how to move sexual energy HERE in this VIDEO.


3.  Turned on breasts awaken orgasmic energy

 When this is activated you will feel  a genuine ‘yes’, a deep, yearning desire for making love, for ravishing and being ravished. You will not only desire to give in to receiving but to give and fully merge in the harmonious, balanced form of equal opposites of feminine and masculine. This inner dance of energy will transpire and manifest externally creating the opportunity to elevate your love making to a higher vibration; on physical, emotional and esoteric levels.


4. Breasts are too often ignored, by passed, mistreated and used

Partners (more so those who are male) may tend to use breasts as a means of self stimulation rather than a way to begin the awakening of orgasmic energy for you as the beloved. This can turn you off in an instant! Shutting down your heart space and thus shutting off your yoni space entirely (as they are connected by your inner pole). While you may still continue into the act of ‘sex’ you are not fully present or turned on. It is important to keep in mind that your breasts are a divine key to your sexual fulfilment through orgasm and orgasmic experiences. Do not let them be ignored!


5. Release breast; shame, childhood wounds, tension, dislike, disconnection Be it from their physical form; shape, size, fullness, balance, texture, nipple variation, areola shape/size etc. to comments that lovers have said, abuse or neglect. These scars are held in the body as energetic trauma. Just like you carry memories in your mind, your body can carry muscle memory in all body parts, including your breasts and yoni (vulva/vagina/womb/ovaries). This can manifest on an emotional level with you feeling distant from your heart-space and breast power, a repulsion or disgust for breast touch or, on a physical level, such as in the form of breast lumps.

*Check in with yourself here, what is your relationship to your breasts?

*When was the last time you had a breast examination or gave yourself a breast examination?



image Marc Lagrange 


6. Shift from breast appearance to sensing your breasts from within

This changes the dynamic of energy and how it flows through you. Do not let what your breasts look like distract you. Focus your attention on both breasts at a time and go within. Gently place your hands over your breasts, allowing the nipples to come through your fingers, or try cupping your breasts. Whichever feels more natural and comfortable to you. Be still, breathe; deep inhales and long slow exhales. Hold this sacred space for your breasts. Tune in.

*What do they need from you right now?

*What do they want you to know right now?

*Learning the ancient sacred art of Tantric or White Tigress breast massage is a wonderful gift for your breast health, wellbeing and empowerment. This is something I practice and teach. (Feel free to contact me if this calls to you).


7. Breasts are the orgasmic gateway 

Showering them with attention from the bedroom and beyond will not only awaken your sacred sexual self but also your empowered self. Warming your heart-space to ripple out and down to your yoni can activate all areas of your life for yourself, for your partner/s and tribe. This is the by-product of enlivened breasts. Awakening their power is the opening of the heart-space; increasing also a your loving kindness, feminine essence, gracefulness and Divine Empowerment as a woman. You can embrace the Divine Feminine that is you.


8. Breasts hold emotions

It is normal when you begin to deepen your relationship to your breasts with loving kindness, connection, massage, attention etc. that you may feel emotions bubbling up inside of you. Tears and sadness may arise, as may laughter and joy. Flow with this. Ride the wave. Honour your personal journey and be compassionate and gentle with yourself. Ask your beloved to do the same. Past tensions may show at any time so be open to releasing them, remain open, come from your ‘heart-space’. Think of this as a cleansing to allow your empowered, orgasmic breasts to radiate even greater.


9. Nipples radiate their own energy

As the highlight of the positive female pole they are the first part of you that enters a room when you stand upright and walk with confidence. They penetrate the space with your radiance. Be aware of this next time you enter a room. When massaging keep both nipples in focus and give them equal attention. Did you know that your deliciously sensitive nipples are similar to that of the tip of the male lingam / penis?!


10.  Honour thy nipple

Treat your nipples with with love and respect, honour them as you most desire them to be honoured. While twisting and pulling can be very arousing for some women it is often not the case at the start of play and love making.. Sharing with your beloved what turns you on and how you love your nipples and breasts to be touched, played with, sucked, nibbled, bitten, squeezed, pushed up etc is ideal. Demonstrate this for your beloved for a few minutes then enjoy as they learn from your teachings and take on board how best to pleasure you. (This can be exchanged with your beloved with their lingam / penis, or breasts if your partner is a woman).



image Helmut Newton

11. Touch to expand your light and energy

Like a delicate art of tenderness showering breasts with gentle caresses to slowly encourage and coax them awake. This conscious action is more likely to lead to an orgasmic journey and not a simple peak orgasm. The aim is to enliven you, lighten you. This is more likely achieved with light feather touch built up to stronger more intense touch. Play and experiment with what works for you on your own and during love making. Ask your beloved what you like or even devote your attention to a breast each and mix it up.


12. Soft caresses and stroking are underestimated

Think Dirty Dancing when Patrick Swazye’s character lightly brushes his hand down the underarm, side breast and ribs of Jennifer Gray. She loses control. THIS is erotic. Gentle featherlike strokes from the sides of the breasts and down the ribcage toward the nipple can be orgasmic. From there, cupping and vibrating breasts gently can be arousing too. Gently explore this connection thinking of it as new terrain.


13. Yoni / ‘vagina’ love’in comes after the breasts

Lubrication in the vagina is activated when the breasts are lovingly touched. This does not happen the same when there is a dive straight for the clitoris or vagina, directly stimulating them with no prior playtime. So breasts first darling! Warm up the breasts lovingly and notice how the yoni warms up too. (Partners please note, just because your Goddess is ‘wet’ does not mean she is ‘ready’. Physical readiness is not the same as emotional and physiological. Goddesses, it is important to communicate when you are ready to receive your beloved, and not allow this playtime to be rushed.)


14. If you have had breast surgery, cosmetic or otherwise you can still explore and play

Some women post surgery have shared that they energetically feel their breasts – even having had a mastectomy. Others find the surface of their skin is still sensitive and with intention and loving kindness they experience pleasure. Do not be afraid to explore this sacred part of you and share the journey with your beloved.


15. Feminine creativity deepens when breasts are activated

As the positive part of the inner female pole – just like a battery, we need both ends stimulated, this means the breasts and the yoni (which houses creativity). When there is a strong connection between these two ends of the inner female pole the orgasmic potential is endless. Not to mention exploring the entire female terrain before you make your way to the breasts and yoni.


16. Be courageous with your breast-exploration

Each time you connect with yourself and or with your beloved can be unique. Play, laugh, explore, release, cry, embrace, slow down, speed up, melt together and expand together. Ride this wave as an orgasmic ocean of potential.


You may like to make some time today to explore the orgasmic potential of your breasts. If you feel stuck for time the ideal place to start is in the shower or bath (solo or with a companion!)

Have fun. After all, you are gifted with this miraculous body temple. Let it radiate from the inside out.


With Love, Elise / S*M


  1. IS on January 4, 2017 at 6:39 am

    Good article.. but pictures only convey perfect model breasts.. no tiny titties, saggy boobs or removed breasts.. might be more relatable with some “imperfect perfect breasts” that you speak of in the article.. all the images of perfect boobs on pretty girls sends women who’s boobs don’t look like that back into the cycle of breast hate. Sad but true x

    • stellamuse on January 8, 2017 at 11:56 pm

      Thank you for sharing, Lovely! I hear you that breasts all look different, but I would also add that all breasts are perfect, no matter what. The images used are by no means even attempting to convey the myriad of breast variation, but instead are just giving a little artistic colour and creative expression. One of the biggest issues we have is not the ‘cycle’ but our conscious choice of ‘discernment’ as free willed humans. It is time we take responsibility for that which we consume, how we consumer it and what we do with that. Juicy food for thought! With Love, Elise / S*M

  2. Mei Ling on January 2, 2018 at 7:52 pm

    I appreciate this article, and your thoughts. At age 75, I feel disappointment when I look at my breasts, altho my partner loves them. He makes me feel better about them. Sometimes my breasts feel very erotic and sometimes I feel nothing or irritation at the slightest touch. Trying to work with it.

    • stellamuse on January 4, 2018 at 2:23 am

      Thank you for sharing, Mei. We are often our harshest critic at all ages. As we cycle through phases it is normal to enjoy something one moment and not the next. Women are like the ocean; cool and calm today, then wild and unbridled tomorrow. Embrace the beautiful body that is yours and only yours, embrace the love from you partner and know that you, as all women, are so much more than the physical body – you are a Soul. That part is indeed also perfect and eternal. With Love, Elise / S*M

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