Balance your Inner Feminine & Inner Masculine to Awaken the power of 11:11


The time is 11:11, it’s the 11th day of the 11th month, you’re at street number 11 and about to knock on apartment 11…




If you are noticing the ‘1’ number sequences some may call it ‘chance’, ‘nothing’, ‘luck’, but I share the view that your angels and guides are talking to you and you might just want to listen.


First and foremost you want to pay attention

Where did you see the number? Why does it feel relevant? Be open to what messages come through to you; be it a song on the radio, a sign on the street, a conversation you overhear, or an image that pops ‘randomly’ into your mind. These are all ways in which the message is being delivered to you.

Angel therapist Doreen Virtue writes about 111 in her book Angel Numbers 101: The Meaning of 111, 123, 444, and Other Number Sequences,

“An energetic gateway has opened for you, rapidly manifesting your thoughts into reality. Choose your thoughts wisely at this time, ensuring that they match your desires.”

This is not a time to put any energy into thinking about fears at all, lest you manifest them. Positivity all the way, Beautiful Soul!

Ask your self: “Is what I am thinking right now what I want to manifest?

Take this seriously, is it a a Hell Yes, a real Ah ha in your gut/yoni! Or is it a Hell No, an Uh uh! Trust that intuition of yours, and trust that the angels and guides will support you and lead you in the right direction.




A gateway bridging this realm and beyond

11:11 is said to be a gateway or ‘the doorway’ to connect to the other side. Seeing this number denotes that your angels or guides are close by or are with you now. Think of these Angel Numbers as calling cards, and the time you see them is the time to take a deep breath, stop what you are doing, silence your mind and create a Divine moment; a space in your life to open and receive the message that is coming to you.


An invitation to the larger picture – A Spiritual Awakening

Beyond the veil of illusion, this is the wake up call to see the realms of spirit, of source, of the Divine, the Universe, Goddess/God, whatever you want to refer to it as. If this is a number sequence you see often you have most likely already started your spiritual journey and have awareness in this realm, or perhaps you are about to embark on your Stella journey of discovery and this is your ‘the time is now’ memo. 11:11 for you may be your sacred number to guide you to awaken all that is within you, for you to live and honour your most authentic, Divine path.




You are at one with all

This Angel number is also a flashing neon sign to remind you that you are one with all that is was and will be. There is no difference between you and I, between the fish in the sea and the magnificent Mother Earth we walk upon. We are all one with life; past, present and future. Take this number as a beautiful moment to give thanks for our interwoven-ness, for the one mighty life force energy flowing through each of us.


The Master 

In numerology 11 is a master number which represents creativity, genius, refinement, intuition and fulfilment. You may like to look at 11:11 as a sign to awaken these elements in your life, to pursue them further if you are already, or to invest in them if they have been calling to you.

11:11 is an opportunity to reflect on your life purpose, your raison d’être. It is a calling to come home; to pay attention, to step into and own your power by mastering the life lessons before you and to achieve perfect balance within; that being the harmony of your inner Feminine and inner Masculine.




THE LESSON of 11.11 – Perfect Balance

When you create inner balance by acknowledging, understanding and empowering the masculine & feminine aspects that reside over your major energy centres your interactions with others will be in greater harmony and alignment.

Until you choose to take responsibility for your own balance the relationships that show up, those that you attract, will be in discord of polarisation. The Twin Flame partnership of Mother and Father (seen in Cancer & Capricorn, Moon & Sun, Feminine & Masculine) is the epitome of this dynamic – that one who comes into your life with the purpose to show you all the shadow aspects you are yet to own so you can awaken the inner twin serpents of light and become your divine whole self. This soul has a role and that is to assist you in burning your karma, not to be your ‘one’ or life partner.

To function at your ultimate; both in your personal relationships with your beloved and tribe, at home, and in the world providing in your chosen area of service – both your inner Mother and inner Father need to step up and take equal responsibility, otherwise due to feelings of disempowerment the internal imbalance increases to the point of breakdown in the area of life which you avoid.

You are working at growing, at blossoming into your fullest, brilliant bloom … the first step is to recognise where the challenge and obstacle resides, in your inner Mother or inner Father, so you can take love driven action and fulyl embrace the ultimate power of 11:11.




 Make a wish!

Let 11:11 remind you that your thoughts are manifesting. When you see this number, pause and focus on what you truly desire.

Step up and take control of the conscious creation of your own life blessings.

Pay attention, be open, alert & aware, and know that there is more happening within and around you than you may currently perceive with your physical senses.

11:11 is a Divine memo that synchronicity is present, when you are following your heart, and moving forward in life – and may it be with perfect love, perfect trust and perfect balance.


With Love and happy 11:11 harmony fellow StellaTribers, Elise / S*M



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