Borrowed Light – Don’t Take it, Create it!

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This may not be a term you are familiar with but it is a concept your inner self knows well. It is a moral you were likely taught when you were young and deep down you always know when you have crossed the invisible line.

It is illuminating yourself with light from another. It may be for personal or professional reasons. Claiming, using, borrowing … a little bit like white lies and half-truths, they are still lies. Be it to your followers, viewers, email list, community, colleagues or yourself. ‘Borrowing Light’ and passing it off as your own may seem like a good idea at the time, especially since “that tagline is so clever, and that concept is attracting so much attention and the way they wrote that would fit nicely right here…”. But, the cost of taking from someone and not creating authentically yourself will need to be paid sooner or later, and often in many ways.

I want to explore this with you here and give you some tangible and practical insights and some love wisdom to check in with yourself and see how this may relate to you and where you are right now.

What You and I Also Dive Into

  • What is Borrowed Light?
  • That time I borrowed Light…
  • What is borrowed will crumble
  • Creating & building from within – Embrace inspiration and; Understand the Wisdom  of diving deeper
  • Live – walking your walk & talking your talk, not part time spirituality & glamour
  • Embody & serve, from your place of knowing and authenticity
  • Teach & share the Light
  • Truth – Owning what is yours and what is not
  • Integrity – Morals and values, being honest with self and others
  • Acknowledging – Sharing the light you receive from others and paying it forward
  • The age of consume, consume, consume may be a BIG pull to borrow light, instead learn to be Witness and observe your actions
  • How to radiate your unique essence to the world and beyond


Stella Excerpt from Today’s Podcast

“Go within, do the joywork, move through the muddy depths of the challenges that feel like roadblocks and the sad frustrating and painful times, the alone and dark times. As within those, there is always a crack to be found. And THAT is where the light will pour in from, into you for you to use as Soul fuel to nourish your inner Beauty, your Wisdom, and Truth. Your message to share with the world and shine the Light forth with the essence of your unique quality.”

Takeaway Gem to Muse On

“How can I be true to me and my authenticity, to shine that into the world?”

Article mentioned

Be true to you and Shine on.

With love, Elise / S*M

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