The White Tigress Secret Female Masters: A Sexual-Spiritual Way

Why I’m sharing – It has been brought to our attention that there are people in certain circles; be them known as teachers of Yoga or Western Tantra etc. who are inferring and claiming to have been initiated into the teachings of the White Tigress and now teaching female groups this work. As someone who is part of a White Tigress lineage it is my karmic duty to ensure those out there seeking authentic teaching are not mislead by such disingenuous people, usually seeking to offer the next sexy or alluring workshop and make money off of it with the more people the better. Selling the White Tigress as Yogic, Tantric and incorporating focus on the chakras. When the White Tigress is not Yogic, Tantric nor has any intended focus on the chakras.

Secrecy is of the highest regard in the White Tigress. The most important reason for this is that if a student was/is untrustworthy, the teacher could not teach her and likewise if the teacher was not trust worthy the student would not want to learn from them. As His Lai shares direct from the lineage, all information given to a student was/is to be kept secret, unless the teacher permits otherwise. This rule of secrecy was/is the most important between teacher and student. Keeping secrets shows who you respect. Not keeping secrets, he says shows the Tigress and everyone who you do not respect.

That is partly why training is teacher to student, 1:1. Not in group form. As each woman has her own unique and individual needs, experiences, challenges and traumas that need personalised attention. While there is beauty in group work, truly sacred, secret teachings imparted on the basis of trust, honour, integrity, love, wisdom and truth show much merit through time as being passed on 1:1 in secret.

Also, as I deep dived into in my Sacred Guidance with StellaMuse podcast episode “Borrowed Light – Don’t Take It Create It”, borrowed light, or stealing, lying, misusing teachings or misleading people while claiming to be something you are not; like an initiated teacher etc. is one of the four most serious karma’s. It is treated as strongly as murder. Which does make us stop and think how serious misappropriation is on all levels. And how this is a serious spiritual value. Which, if we choose to truly walk a conscious or spiritual path, we do so with the integrity of honouring that which is sacred and secret.

Direct lineage – if you have or are intend to be taught any of the teachings of the White Tigress ensure you ask the practitioner/teacher which teacher initiated them and, from what lineage they are from. I personally only teach and guide women 1:1 for sole personal use. I have never nor do I train women to become teachers nor do I give initiations. I only wish to impart the sacred wisdom and teachings of my teachers and the White Tigress lineage to ensure women, wherever they may be in the world, have the opportunity to explore this way if it calls to them and that there is at least some true essence of the secret society kept alive. Until such time as it is again to return to its secret place.

With all this talk of sacred and secret there are some aspects that we can openly share to know if these remarkable Female Taoist Masters specialising in the Sexual Teachings of the White Tigress speak to you and your unique path.

(I will just mention the Mandarin Chinese word Taoism has been changed over the years by Pinyin Romanisation to be pronounced and spelt Daoism with a D. Sometimes the Tao is pronounced as Dao. Thus, you may see either or both used in regards to the White Tigress.)

So, who were the original White Tigress? An elite secret sect of women who were devoted and disciplined in sexual and spiritual practices. With the key pursuit being to restore their beauty and youthfulness to reach and attain full feminine potential and become as they term it an immortaless.

Originating at a time of ancient China (circa 1600 BC), the White Tigress teachings were created and developed by female Chinese Taoists. Most of these teachings were kept secret, or only taught to a few initiates until 1986. When His Lai, a practicing Taoist and Tai Chi master, commenced his studies with one of the few living female Taoist Immortal in Taiwan. After many years of study, she gave him permission to record and teach his newly gained knowledge to the people of the West. It is a key student of his who imparted some of these secret teachings to a teacher and colleague of mine and, to myself and some other women of the West.  

This way of life wasn’t and still isn’t restricted by a Tigress’ social environment or religious beliefs or faith. Though, in ancient China and early times the Tigress would live as Taoist nuns, consorts – like a modern mistress or, concubines – a second wife, as men in early China were able to have more than one wife. This was accepted entirely. They could have many wives if they could afford to and they often did. With each woman having different roles. Some to help in the house hold, some to ensure a son was born, some for sexual pleasure etc. These women were also often in different places, towns even cities.

Women of the White Tigress have been confused with prostitutes. But, indeed this is not true. None of these women, nor the Geishas that were also often mislabelled, worked as prostitutes. The actual term for prostitute in China was wild pheasant or sing-song girl and these names were only used for women who exchanged sex for money. There was no financial exchange for sexual services between a Tigress and the men she connected with.

It is from the Chinese nuns who then or no longer chose to practice celibacy and live in temples or hermitages that the Tigress came about. Practising spiritual sexual methods of ‘restoration’ as they call it, until eventually there were enough women for a society. It was those women and men (the male being the White Tiger) who rejected the views of Confucians, moralists and structure that the Chinese masses at the time were dedicated too. Instead, taking the Taoist free-thinking approach with its philosophy steaming back to influences by the Yellow Emperor, Lao Tzu and the Tao Te Ching, Chuang Tzu’s writings and those of Ko Hung. All very interpretive writers whose works create different lineages and schools branching from Taoism. Though the three most known interpretations practiced were as sexual regeneration, spiritual alchemy and contemplative philosophy. It is these three, in this exact order that the White Tigress embrace. Training so for nine years.

Immortality is spoken of often in the White Tigress as it is a key focus of much dedicated practice and work. Though this is interpretive. Some take it as literal, where a Tigress can preserve their physical body for as long as they desire. The other more spiritual interpretation is that the consciousness of the Tigress can stay ‘lucid’ or aware upon death and thus be carried with them to the next realm or to Heaven or immortal realms they were seeking to reach. Thus, they believed they wouldn’t have to come back to Earth. The classical interpretation more widely embraced was that the Tigress would live with good health to the age of 100 or more. What the Chinese call “retaining youthfulness with old age.” Specifically, to the Tigress, they devoted their way of life to achieve this immortality to reach optimal health and live a long life all the while maintaining their physical youthful appearance and achieve lucid consciousness at death.

 On Restoring Youthfulness, an old Taoist saying tell us “No one can cheat death and old age, but death can certainly be impeded and life can be prolonged.” The Tigress did not want to go back to their youth. After all, being a young teenager again is not possible and that for most was interpreted as smaller breasts and perhaps even being shorter etc. Instead the restoration of youthfulness was concentrated on restoring herself back five, up to even 15 years of her current age. This depended on when she started her training and how much she had aged prior. The focus was on the skin, hair, breasts, vagina, hearing, eyesight and muscle tone – to feel and function as she did in late adolescence or early womanhood.

When it comes to restoration and youthfulness the Tigress are more advanced than the majority of the West. Knowing what sexual energy and orgasm emits and harnessing this, not only in the form of fluids but also in the form of psychological force. The Tigress see an intrinsic connection between sexuality and spirituality – they see the refinement of ching (which is sexual energy and physical function), qi (vital energy, as in breath) and shen (conciseness or spirit) interconnected. Together they are called the Three Treasures. Correct practice and blending of these are known as a secret to awaken restoration of human youth and immortality. With anything so powerful, such as even sexual energy, it is not to be taken lightly. They say if it is used in a negative manner or misdirected it can cause a myriad of effects from eating disorders to psychological trauma – the Tigress warn very strongly against misuse. The practices of the White Tigress are psychologically and physiologically very powerful and are to be approached carefully, 1:1 with an authentic teacher of lineage.

The White Tigress see women and men as equal, like night and day, yin and yang, Earth and Heaven. Here together to balance each other and achieve fulfilment and harmony.

The word Tao means ‘The Way’. The heart of Taoism is ‘living in harmony’ we could say living the Way; that being in harmony with your chosen path. Created by balancing the forces of Feminine and Masculine energies, what we call Yin and Yang. The symbolism of Yin-Yang represents Divine harmony, something that is ever fluid, changing and moving. Never static. All That Is can be said to be either Yin or Yang, seeking harmony with its equal part.

The White Tigress is the way of the Yin / female. Though she can choose to take one of two paths. One Way she will only focus on her personal restoration and her own attainments achieved individually with teacher guidance or training – this means she may or may not be in a union with another, but she does not seek to gain anything from a male partner for her Tigress work and practices. This focus is often more appealing and is part of my training and the path I chose. For personal practice and teaching women their personal practice for restoration. Whether a woman chooses to be single, celibate, in a relationship or otherwise does not matter.

Then there is the other Path the women can take which I will go into more detail now with you. White Tigress symbolises the feminine or Yin and the Green Dragon the masculine Yang. White Tigress actually means ‘male semen’ and Green Dragon ‘female secretions’. Hence the other path of the Tigress involves working with a male counterpart. Some are known as a Jade Dragon. This is the man the Tigress practices her sexual spiritual activities with. He protects her and is often also her benefactor so she can devote herself to this way of life (often still having a day job, activates of interest or hobbies etc. too). She will then also be connected periodically with men known as Green Dragons – those males who she will seduce purely for the sole purpose of acquiring their sexual energy, which partly comes from their semen. Even if she also has a Jade Dragon (like a main partner) he alone cannot provide her with all the energy she requires to reach full attainment. So, either she has both the Jade Dragon and other Green Dragons, or just numerous Green Dragons.

These sexual encounters with Green Dragons are very disciplined with much effort, detail, time and preparation going into finding and meeting with each. A Tigress would only have up to nine encounters with any one Green Dragon in a space of time. In the exchange the man experiences more pleasure than he has ever experienced before – as the Tigress, trained in numerous sacred techniques, including genital stimulation with both hands and mouth to prolong the male pleasure then to ensure he completes with an ecstatic ending. In exchange, as he orgasms the Tigress receives his semen (often by her own choice upon the face or lips and very occasionally orally.) along with his sexual energy to store within her via visualisation and physical techniques. It may be worth noting that her main counterpart, if she has one, the Jade Dragon is permitted to watch these liaisons in secret if he and the Tigress agree upon such an arrangement.

The practices of the Tigress that she does with male counterparts involve transferring hot yang ching (or sexual energy) from a male and then as they call it “absorb, congeal and refine” this energy in her hara – which is a lower space about two finger widths bellow the bellybutton. The hara is seen to be akin to a cauldron or a spiritual womb. It is here the accumulation of male ching energy is stored until she creates what is called the Spiritual Child, or immortality. While a physical child is created with the uniting of an egg and sperm, the spiritual child in this Way is created with the fusing and blending, the alchemising if you will, of the Three Treasures; of ching / sexual energy, chi/breath or vital life force or energy and, shen/mind or spirit. The Tigress see the alchemising of these three to the point of spiritual illumination as creating immortal life. It is this which she is working towards. Gathering the sexual energy of males to help her, as she serves them with sacred acts of pleasure in return.

As mentioned this repeated practice can be done with only one partner, or with one partner and others. The choice is at the discretion of the Tigress. And it was/is not only giving, when she chose. She would also receive oral pleasure from a Dragon – in this situation she shifts from yin submissive, to yang dominant and tells the Dragon what to do in order for her to reach the point of highest pleasure. Some Tigeress’s were / are also bisexual. Making the oral exchange of female to female pleasure often shared if that was the case. There are three motives connected to this though; one to give them reprieve from continual exposure with men. Second it is said to mentally connected them back with childhood. Third to help them better understand what men feel and know better their desires. Activating the sensations of smell, taste, touch from a male gaze and experiential perspective. They believe this too would make them know better how to excite their male counterparts and liaisons.

Signs and Symbols of a White Tigress

After three years of training or what was referred to as the practice period of a Suckling Tigress, she was then first given by her teacher a choker – as an acknowledgement that she was now a trusted, tamed tigress. Then as a second gift, she was given a waist chain with a jade vial crafted into the shape of a tigers’ tooth. This gift contained “a pearl of congealed essence”– as a talisman of good fortune and protection. Third and finally, she was gifted a small tattoo upon her mound of Venus. This was said to increase her power.

To see a White Tigress there are key signs of distinct features she likely beheld. Those being; Very long straight hair, a very narrow waist, deep full, red colour lips, long nails usually painted red and a hairless (shaved / waxed) mound of Venus. All traits that connect to representing aspects of a Tiger. These aspects were said to also attract and excite men. From the long hair and thin waist, to red lips accentuating oralism and long red nails to stimulate a man with. As is not uncommon in today’s modern world, the hairless mound of Venus was always said to make her appear more youthful looking.

From a spiritual perspective, their key features were said to connect to goddesses of the heavenly realms, devas or the immortaless. We could interpret them as almost aspirational in nature. As this is the path to being an immortaless, after all.

Though it’s important to keep in mind that these key features are popular throughout Asia for women, now even around the world to some degree. So, it is by no means a collection of definite markings or signs any woman is necessarily a practiced and trained Tigress.

Three phase training over 9 years.

A quote form the Tigress manual reads;

“The caterpillar first crawl the Earth; It then suspends itself between Heaven and Earth in a cocoon. Gathering its essence, it emerges as a butterfly and becomes free.”

This beautifully rich and symbolic writing encapsulates perfectly the nine-year training phase of the Tigress. Broken into three, three year stages.

She first devotes herself to the Restoration Period. It is at this time she refines her ching (sexual energy); practicing her restoration exercises, learning sexual stimulations, practices for reducing menstrual flow, transformational techniques and absorbing male sexual energy. It is in these first three years she is also working toward the key goal of having nine separate Illuminations of Mind. Not one, not two, but nine – these are described as seeing many swinging lanterns alight in the mind. This nine-fold achievement sets her up for the next phase.

The second stage is the Preservation Period focusing on acquiring and accumulating vital energy and breath which is the qi. This stage takes her Transformational Techniques to competency; she adheres to regular restoration exercise regime and if required she teachers other Tigresses to help her teacher.

Third and final years of the nine are spent almost entirely on spirit/consciousness, what is called refining shen for the Refinement Period. Also, traditionally called the “contemplative philosophy period”. Where she chooses what she wants to focus on and what areas most need her attention to lead closer to her fusing her body – the ching aspect, with her breath – the qi aspect and her spirit – the shen aspect. At this point the Tigress can choose to have either a Jade Dragon, a green Dragon she trusted, a male benefactor or, a husband to practice, share and maintain her transformational techniques with.

At the completion of the nine years a White Tigress could continue to teach other females or choose to enter into the world to live life as she chose. Some going into politics, some teaching, some pausing to become mothers before recommencing etc.

What about STD’s and safe practice if a Tigress takes this path involving male counterparts?

A Tigress would only use condoms with sexual intercourse; being vaginal or anal. Though this was not common practice as the Tigress usually aimed at partaking as seldom as possible in these acts as they believe it ages the body more rapidly. So, often it was oral sex they performed and they did not use condoms for this. Receiving the male pearl, as it was called, seldom into their body, but most often on their body. This is because the Tigress needs the physical pearl of the man (usually only on her face / lips and tongue) and condoms inhibit this key process of absorbing and congealing the pearl for storing.

Hsi Lai shared that during his studies with Madame Lin, she told him that to avoid catching STD’s she encouraged the women to take Aspirin four times a week. He didn’t see any merit in this until 14 years later he read a Time Magazine article (then published in 1999) which shared a long-term study on the benefits of doing so. It mentioned that the coating on non-prescriptive medications had an unusual ability to ward off STD’s if taken daily.

Another method of the Tigress was the use of cucumber rubbing upon the Jade Stem or penis to clean it of virus and bacteria. It also had the bonus effect of exciting the male counterpart, for the scent is said to be an aphrodisiac.

I share these two secrets for your general interest. Perhaps you may like to explore some sacred Jade Stem cleaning with a cucumber but it is not recommended to rely on for protection against sexually transmitted disease.

Like the rest of the Tigress practices this too goes much further into techniques to prevent bacteria entering during an encounter though I’ll leave it there unless you wish to reach out to me for further studies.

But I’ll share from the White Tigress Manual an ode to Intensifying Orgasms;

When the Tigress crouches before the Dragon.

The Dragon is lured into the Tigress’s mouth.

The Tigress’s Red Lotus seizes the Dragon’s precious pearl

And the Tigress leaps away with its prey

The Secret Tigress Way of Life

From kung fu and qi gong exercises to high protein diets, herbs and specific exercises for her mouth, breasts and vagina to restoring the body and those of the Hypothalamus, Pituitary Gland and the Sensory Cortex to work from mind, the true path of a Tigress is one of discipline on all levels.

Taught only from Teacher to Student, this White Tigress society was indeed secretive. Some Tigresses would know each other only as they shared a common teacher. Though not taught together, the women would not know who the teacher taught before them or who would be taught after them.

While this path seems initially to focus greatly on the physical it is always in pursuit of the mental and conscious leading to spirit. Thus, there are three poisons of the Taoist system which the Tigress adheres to. Those are anger, greed and ignorance. Which are balanced by the three medicines being; compassion, wisdom and charity (what we may call selfless service.) We see the balance between these with greed harmonised only by charity or selfless giving and service. That when one is ignorant they can transmute it through wisdom. And when anger arises it can be eradicated with compassion.

Compassion is key as this is combined with passion are the two greatest skills a White Tigress believes she embodies and demonstrates. The Tigress say it is this energy that men are most attracted to and why they would seek her attention. Though she takes complete self-responsibility never to misuse this power to cause any harm, in any way to manipulate or power play with men. Much like the Buddhist and Esoteric practice of Harmlessness.

There are also six key sexual characteristics the White Tigress embodies. These are;

A sense of humour, giving, praise and compliments, honesty, invitations and secrecy. You can get the feel from these that the characteristics when used in liaison with the male Dragons can indeed make the Tigress greatly appealing and alluring. We can also see them as being applied to Tigress life in general – particularly the secrecy which they upheld with complete integrity and honour in the world. As I mentioned earlier. This rule of secrecy was the most important between teacher and student. And between Tigress and a Jade Dragon or Green Dragons.

Like any profession, career or art the Tigress believe love and sex both also need to be studied and worked on. That people need to be trained and disciplined to avoid being in love with the idea of love and instead, know love and experience it in relationships. This wisdom alone can be applied to your relationships no matter if the path of the White Tigress speaks to you or not.

But even so, the way of the White Tigress can create numerous benefits to a woman’s life regardless if she does or doesn’t choose to devote herself to the entire Way. She can still reap benefits of harmony and balance, health, youthfulness and tranquillity if she practices even some of the teachings.

I have only shared a fraction of all there is to know of the Sacred and Sexual teachings of the Taoist female Masters of the White Tigress here with you, and only a fraction of what I have been imparted with here.

For those women interested in preparing body and mind in personal 1:1 White Tigress sessions to commence your Restoration and learn some of the ancient and secret teachings for your personal sacred practice, anywhere in the world, from the true use and technique of the jade egg along with the only type of jade used which is not commonly sold online, and breast massage sequences, to healing and restorative Tigress exercises and movement from the sacred Tigress manual, massage techniques, intentions, offerings and ways, restoration practices and even suggested supplements & herbs  – all taught fully clothed in person or online you’re welcome to email me or contact me online via

I will leave you with this Tigress quote that Master Lai teaches for you to contemplate; “Secrecy ~ The first and most important reason for secrecy was so the teacher and student could acquire trust and respect for each other. If a student was untrustworthy, the teacher could not teach her. If the teacher was untrustworthy, the student would not want to earn from him or her. All information given to a student was to be kept secret, unless the teacher permitted otherwise. The same was true of anything a student might share with a teacher. The requirement of secrecy was the most important rule between the student and the teacher … Keeping secrets showed us at a very early age who we respected, and not keeping them revealed who we didn’t respect.”


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      Every success with finding your teacher upon this path, Griffin. Unfortunately, I can’t be of more help in this instance.

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