Cultivating Patience & Radical Acceptance

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How often are you frustrated, upset, angry, sad or overcome with emotions?

Ever noticed that getting upset and losing your patience makes things worse?

Are you ready to instead take back control of your body, heart and mind? Embrace life, cultivating patience and radical acceptance?…

Patience and frustration seem to be a tricky seesaw to balance at times. Especially when you find yourself wanting what you want, how you want it, NOW! … and, well, life just doesn’t work like that.

Frustration is the sign that you’re experiencing delayed gratification of sorts. You know it, that feeling when your needs – whatever they are – aren’t getting met in the time frame you have in mind and they sure aren’t being delivered the way you want.

Dare I say many of us have grown increasingly impatient with day to day life despite having more machines and technological advancements to help make things run smoother. None of which can make our internal world and our reactions or responses any different if we don’t take back control of our own body, heart and mind.

 But what if you don’t need to get upset, frustrated, angry, or impatient? And instead can learn to cultivate inner calm, a sense of ease, grace, peace. Almost like awakening the Buddha within you, your most powerfully poised self…

Together, We Also Explore

  • #PathLife – finding the humour in the hurdles and harder moments
  • Cultivating Patience
  • Radical Acceptance – being OK with how things are
  • Gripping & Projecting Impatience
  • Flow – with no emotional suppression
  • Buddha & the “perfection of the heart”
  • Western psychology  & ‘affect tolerance’
  • Esoteric psychology & mind control / will power
  • Patience as strength
  • Ways to create time and space to ease the emotions
  • Perseverance & Tolerance
  • Key go-to’s to cultivate patience and radical acceptance
    • Flow
    • The Intention of Patience
    • Asking “What REALLY Matters?”
    • This Too Shall Pass
  • I share part of the ‘frustrating’ journey of finding an agent & publisher for my novel RUNWAY & the lessons I’ve learnt along the way
  • Self-reflection questions to dive deeper and break your old habits, cycles and patterns
  • Fear & Frustration – “What am I afraid of?”
  • Cultivating presence in the Here and Now
  • …Continuing the work.

Stella Excerpt

“Sometimes when the world and the people in it don’t do what we want, expect, need or ask for we take it personally. It can also feel like an attack or sabotaging of our efforts to control. You can end up feeling hard done by, personally inflicted or wounded and sabotaged – by someone, or something, by God or the Universe, by the Powers That Be etc. But I want to you to know there is a better way to see this and flow with it.”

Takeaway Gem

“We not only have to intellectually get that all things take time, we need to reach a point of acceptance – by being ok with how things are, particularly those that we can’t control.”

May your Path be one of ever cultivating patience and radical acceptance.

With Love Elise | S*M

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