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In a fast paced world with all its challenges it is in these deeply challenging times that you need to merge the power of the Divine with the power of your spirit and your character. Doing this with a spiritual director or coach is one way, using float tanks as well is another. This is the alchemy that awakens and unleashes your highest potential. This is what I am passionate about guiding people to awaken to and this is why as an empowerment coach and master of the healing arts I use float tanks weekly to reconnect to my true self, which just like you, is Spirit.

The human body; physically, emotionally and energetically is the most magnificent machine on earth. Placing yourself inside a floatation tank can take you even deeper into your very being, revealing what you truly are to yourself.

While the experiences and benefits of ‘floating’ have been well documented and explored on many levels; from relaxation, stress and pain relief, to taking stimulants and psychedelics for a heightened experience, I want to share the unspoken power of floating to connect with the Divine in the tank, with just you.

Changing the way you view and use floating can enhance your experience in the tank and your life outside the tank. So let’s get you floating with Spirit!


 8 Techniques To Floating With Spirit


1. Intention

Where thought goes energy flows. As I lift the lid and put my toes into the skin temperature heated water I mentally state my intention for the session. Such as healing, clarity on a creative project or openness to receiving whatever my body and soul needs. This is key to producing optimum calmness, positive images and thoughts in your mind and setting the purpose behind what you are doing, which is devoting the next hour or so just to you.

Ask yourself as you lift the lid on the tank – What is my intention for this float today? Once you have your intention state it out loud or in your mind as you climb in.

*’Tactile homogenity’ means everything tactile is connected, which is exactly how you are in a tank; from the water temperature to your body and with your intention firmly in place, your mind. This entire unified connection is what yogi’s call Yoni Mudra. Yoni; the source of life / womb and Mudra; a pose. Also done using a hand gesture, a person who practices it regularly has no external contact with the world, much like a baby in the uterus. A key benefit of this practice is spiritual calmness and mental development. Floating is Yoni Mudra for your entire being.


A simple Yoni Mudra with hands held over the lower belly – can be practiced while floating.

2. Let go

As you ease yourself into the pod with your intention fresh in mind you want to relax into the space.

You want to get in to a comfortable position with arms where they desire to go. Soften your body by letting the water hold you. Then bring your awareness to your body. Become aware of every part of your body that may be gipping and holding onto tension.

Ask yourself – Where am I tense?  Then inhale, tighten this part of your body, hold it for a count of three, then exhale and release the tension visualising it leaving your body as you become more present.

Letting go of tension gets you out of your monkey mind and into your body. You start to feel more and think less. Engaging your internal senses and sensory perception which is ideal preparation for self-hypnosis.

*Another way of doing this is to inhale OM (pronounced ‘AUM’), exhale OM as you breathe in and out for as long as you desire be it once, a few breaths or a few minutes (108 is the magical Buddhist number of repetitions). Said in your mind or out loud – as you breathe in chant OM and as you breathe out chant OM. If said out loud you are allowing the vibration of OM to travel through you and expand from you into the tank. As the most important and significant mantra, chanting OM is like taking the Divine into you or with more repetition heightening your vibration to be in alignment with the Universe / Source / Spirit.


microcosmic orbit

Image – Chi Nei Tsang

3. Self – Hypnosis (with breath)

The mind can be sectioned into three layers; the conscious, the unconscious and the subconscious. The power of floating is that it can efficiently support you dropping into your own subconscious or theta state; the deepest part of your mind, to potentially ‘rewrite’ or ‘reprogram’ your mind allowing you to reconnect to your true self.

This can be as simple as bringing your awareness to your breath. I practice the Complete Breath, also known as the Microcosmict Orbit (see image above). This VIDEO demonstrates how to do the Complete Breathe, and you can apply the same method while floating. Correct breathing is essential especially to slow your mind down and clear all that no longer serves; the to-do lists running through your mind or a conversation you just had etc.

*Sweep thoughts to the left of your mind like dust, or imagine little clouds leaving your mind as they carry away the thoughts. Correct Breathing also drops you into the ultimate state of subconscious mind to prepare the body on all levels (especially energetic) for deeper work.

*I suggest you master this style of breathing and weave it into your daily life, first thing in the morning, last thing at night and periodically throughout the day especially at times of heightened emotional stress. The more you practice and grow accustomed to Correct Breathing the easier and more natural this will become for you in the tank.



4. Energy Reconnection

In the tranquil state you are now in it is ideal to take your attention to the main energy centres in your body. You have seven key energy centres or ‘chakra’s’ running up the centre of your body, each correlating to different parts of your body temple and life on a physical, emotional and energetic level. These seven areas are essentially wheels or portals of which energy goes out and flows in. They can become unbalanced causing you to be unbalanced in all areas of life; from home and work, to sexual life and creativity, your personality and openness to the world and to love, your self expression and will power as well as your consciousness and connection with the Divine / Source or Oneness with all. While I recommend experiencing a Chakra Rebalancing session with a professional however, you have the ability to do a simple version on yourself in the tank.

I do this daily in bed each morning as well as after doing the Complete Breath in the tank. The difference in the tank after the Complete Breath is that you are in a subconscious, stimulation free zone allowing your ego to switch off and withhold judgment – meaning your intuition or sixth sense can guide your soul and spirit, not your ego.

To reconnect to your energy centres in the tank apply the Complete Breath as you direct your attention to one chakra at a time. *To heighten this experience focus on breathing through each of your chakras, as you would breathe through your mouth.

  • 1. Root / base of your spine – Muladhara: Focus on this part of your body and the colour red, a bright ruby red that is spinning and radiating from the base of your spine front and back and out into the tank.
  • 2. Sacral / three finger widths below your belly button – Swasdhithana: Focus on this part of your body and the colour orange, a brilliant orange that is spinning and radiating from your lower abdomen front and back and out into the tank.
  • 3. Solar Plexis / under your last rib in the centre of your body – Manipura: Focus on this part of your body and the colour yellow, a vibrant canary yellow that is spinning and radiating from your lower abdomen, front and back and out into the tank.
  • 4. Heart / centre chest between breasts – Anahatha: Focus on this part of your body and the colour green, a luminous emerald green that is spinning and radiating from your heart, front and back and out into the tank.
  • 5. Throat – Vishuddha: Focus on this part of your body and the colour blue, a brilliant sapphire blue that is spinning and radiating from your throat, front and back and out into the tank.
  • 6. Third Eye / one finger width up and between eye brows – Ajna: Focus on this part of your body and the colour indigo, a deep blue purple that is spinning and radiating from your 3rd eye, front and back and out into the tank.  (The third eye connects to your psychic nature, the haven of ecstatic altered states, as when you close your eyes and roll them up and back you are connecting to where the cave of brahman resides. It is here that the ego can be dissolved)


Image Nuclear Evolution, Christopher Hills

  •  7. Crown / centre top of the head – Sahasrara: Focus on this part of your body and the colour violet, a brilliant bright violet that is spinning and radiating from your crown, all around and out into the tank.

*Over stimulation of any one of these energy centres throws off your balance. Hence the use of psychedelics can over stimulate the 3rd eye, much like addiction to sex and unhealthy sexual practice can unbalance your Sacral energy centre, all of which can result in physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual and sexual issues. The intention of ‘balancing’ the centres is key. An intention to prematurely ‘open’ chakras in pursuit of a Kundalini awakening or higher consciousness can result in issues including  serious illness and permanent brain damage. Your soul is programmed to awaken how and when it is ready, yes you can support this with healthy regular practice of yoga (such as Hatha), mediation and mindfulness inside and outside the tank, along with seeking the guidance and wisdom of a spiritual advisor or coach to support your journey.




5. Repairing the Astral Field (The Emotional Body)

Repairing the astral or emotional field of the body is sometimes referred to as fixing the ‘holes in the aura’. Learning to repair your own astral body is a tool that I teach all clients who are ready. This auric field around you is one of a few energy fields that surrounds your body. Not dissimilar to an egg shape, the auric field can also work like a sponge; absorbing negativity in the form of energy. It can also be ripped or teared allowing the kind of energy you don’t want to get into your auric field and physical being.

As with any of these techniques you can also do this outside the tank and I recommend you do to master the practice and weave it into your every day. However, the tank has the power to take some deeper and offer others a more unique experience that nothing else can.

For more insight and information into the auric field and the other subtle bodies read HERE.


Astral Repair Visualisation:

Begin by sensing you body then imagine coming out of your body with ease and looking face down at it. See your body floating blissfully there in complete ease. You then go up to the auric field or egg like ring of energy that is your aura and go through it to come out the other side. Here you will do whatever feels right to you to fix any tears, holes or areas that need mending or cleaning from the exterior of your field. Imagine being like a window cleaner on the outside of a building as you do this work if it helps. I envisage using energy from my hands (like REIKI) to seal the areas, buffer and clean them with golden or white light. Once you have done what resonates with you, you then want to come back through your aura – speaking in your mind, program your field by saying “only I can enter this field nothing else can penetrate my auric field now” – slowly lower yourself back into your peaceful floating body and look up and around at your perfect aura of light that surrounds your Divine body temple. Know nothing can enter that is not of perfect love and light. Enjoy this feeling of complete relaxation.

*Consuming or being around drugs, alcohol, addictions such as sex, gambling etc all brings the dark energy that loves to latch onto your light and after time can wear down the aura. Regular repair is essential, as is being aware of your energy to know when you need to use this. Do this repair whenever it feels right for you. Another beauty of practicing this in the tank is you are suspended in water – the element of emotions. Your emotions directly connect to your energy and what energy you attract, so cleansing and cleaning in ‘water’ especially infused with approximately 500kg of magnesium sulfate / epsom salts in a float tank is ideal!


6. Healing Hands 

Everything is energy, just like you and I are energy. While there are different kinds of energy awakening and harnessing this ‘chi’, ‘prana’ or ‘life force’ energy more by consciously drawing it into you is like putting more fuel in your car and then filling up the spare (your spare energy tank is located three finger widths below your belly button called your Hara or Den T’ien / Tan T’ien. My hands often gravitate here and to my heart space when I heal my body). As a Reiki master I like channelling universal energy into my body by connecting to Source while I am in the tank. You don’t need to be a master of energy to do a version of this on yourself. While in the tank you can simply place your hands where they are drawn to go. Become present in your body using the Complete Breath explained above and visualise, imagine, sense, feel energy from Source coming through your hands and into your body wherever it needs to go; to heal, to reinvigorate, to cleanse etc. You may feel heat, tingling, cold sensations from your hands, this is completely normal. In this state especially while floating you may find heightened visualisation, out of body experiences, lucid dreaming etc become possible or easier. Now is an ideal time to call upon guidance from Spirit; your guides, past relatives, archangels, the ascended masters etc. to part their wisdom onto you.


7. Connect to Spirit / Guides / Source

I have vividly seen my guides, passed loved ones, animal spirits, angels and ascended masters while floating. The magic of the tank is that it is like looking through an even clearer, crisper lens, from seeing pale colours to brilliant pigments and hues. Connecting to guides in whatever form can be as simple as evoking them to you, commanding their presence and welcoming them.

*Be sure to use this for the greater good and for light. If you do not know who you specifically want to call upon you may like to try: “I call upon the guides of pure Divine Love and Light who are here to assist my highest self, come to me now, I am open to receive the messages for today.”

Otherwise you may like to look into the ascended masters and archangels to see who resonates with you and where you are at. Or in your own words you can ask for your personal spirit guides to make themselves known to you if you are ready.


8.  Present, Stillness.

From seeing and experiencing past lives and parallel spirit worlds, to feeling dolphins in the tank with me as the beating of my own heart resonates through the water … the power of presence after you have committed to some or all of the above practices is the most simple and effective tool. Open to receive like a flower unfurling for light and with non-judgement just be. If it feels right let whatever fellow Divine light that wants to connect and offer guidance come through. Non-judgment is the key. As soon as you question; Is this my imagination? Am I making this up? This is crazy, it can’t be real! You will cut the flow of Source (as you are suppressing your heart and soul) and the ego will take over again. Non-judgment allows Divine flow. With a still body and a still monkey mind, your highest self, (your true self) can reconnect to Source, to everything that is was and will ever be. You can experience things you may never have imaged before, purely through using your own body and the power of the float tank.



You may find there are one or two parts of this sequence that really speak to you. Listen to your own inner guidance and try them first. Do not feel you have to do everything here. What works for me may not work the same for you so feel free to adapt these techniques to your abilities, desires and what your body, heart, soul and spirit calls for at each float. Each time in the tank is entirely unique even if you do follow the same sequence of techniques, that is part of the power of floating with Spirit – you will be provided with exactly what you need regardless of what you may want.


Currently I’m floating at Beyond Rest, Melbourne and loving it. The energy of the centre and tanks is unlike any other space I have seen or experienced. My first float here was utterly unique to anywhere else I have floated; before I even started my above process I felt the presence of many souls. Once I closed my eyes I was immediately greeted by a large circle of what I soon learned were tribal elders, medicine women and men, shamans and guides. There to welcome me and help me bring more light to the centre, it was one of the most memorable, beautifully powerful and vivid connections with Spirit I can recall in a tank. To say my post float glow was beaming bright was an understatement.

May your floating journey be with Spirit, may it empower you and reconnect you to your true self.

With Love, Elise / S*M


*The above techniques are based off my own personal experience and journey. This article is for educational and informative purposes only.

*If you are seeking guidance to go deeper into your connection with Spirit inside and outside the tank please connect with me HERE.


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