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What I do and who I AM are not the same.

I was reminded of this today during a conversation with someone who was in my life for a very short time. Someone who I wanted to invite into my Universe but they were far from that place and instead chose to walk away. Fast forward a year and a half and they now feel they are in that place and asked to reconnect, thinking we are ‘doing the same things’ now they have changed their life around. While I agreed to have a conversation – with part of me saying ‘no’ and the other saying ‘open your heart’ – I felt a disconnect as they spoke. While I listened to the words and asked questions to inspire them to carry on I couldn’t help but feel triggered. They wanted to know my ‘whole story’, where I’ve been, what I’ve done, what I’m doing, what exactly I’m now qualified as…

To them this was an attempt to reconnect and get to know me, again. For me it was nothing at all to do with who I AM in the slightest. They didn’t know me then and don’t know me now – especially by coming from a place of ‘doing’ instead of ‘being’.

I wanted to say, “If you really want to reconnect and know me, look within. I’m there, as you are here for me. We are the same. We are from Divine Source and of Divine Source. I am not the University degrees I have, I am not a coach, I am not a mentor, I am not a writer,  I am not a model, I am not an artist, I am not the money I make, I am not the shoes in my closet, I am not the car that I drive, I am none of these”.

But I didn’t say anything of the kind. I asked “how do you feel?” (about the ‘life changes’ they’d made) when they didn’t quite know how to respond I eventually succumbed. In the short space of time that I chose to spend talking with them I summarised a brief extract from my life in the last year and a half. It felt so empty speaking like this, heartless and joyless, it was not inspirational nor life changing.

I’ve had life changing, inspirational conversations that last for 3 minutes. The amount of time you share in conversation can be irrelevant. Where you come from when you speak, sharing your authentic I AM is what is relevant. That is heartfelt, joyful and powerful.

The I DO conversation is often as exciting as last seasons collection for a fashion designer. The new black however is about stepping fully into the I AM, with a sense of cohesion not competition, with a realignment to Source and a letting go of Ego, it is a knowing that what you DO is a part of the tapestry that is YOU but it is by no means your essence or light.





A few hours after I hung up the phone I thought of Dr Wayne Dyer and a talk he gave at Wanderlust in 2012 on ‘Mastering the Art of Manifesting’ and suddenly this conversation brought forth an eagle eye view of the world, of the ‘Ego’ V’s the ‘Dao’ (the Path).

As Dr. Dyer explained, the Ego’s version of who you are and the Dao, or The Path of the Source’s version, is the polar opposite. Inspired by this talk I wanted to share with you my take on DOING V’s BEING, on EGO V’s SOURCE and how we can become aware of the difference and apply the power of I AM to our lives in every way, on a daily basis.



 The 6 Ego Identifiers and The 6 Authentic Ways of Source can be summarised as follows;


Ego says – I am what I have

How much you make, the car you drive, the furniture in your home…

Source says – I am not what I have

You can give everything you have away and still be you.

Ever thought of packing everything up and starting all over again? Or giving away your possessions? Donating to charity? 



Ego says – I am what I do

What you accomplish, the grades you make, the promotions you get, the extent of your resumé, your job title or career status.

Source says – I am not what I do

What you do can be part of your message, part of your ‘why’,  the reason you are here; your life purpose or mission.

Ask yourself, “Does what I do reflect who I AM?” “Is what I do honouring my authentic self?”



Ego says – I am what people think of me

Being influenced by others opinions, seeking others approval, taking on board others fears…

Source says – What people think of me is none of my business

Thoughts are powerful, choose them wisely; those of your own and those of others.

Imagine a DELETE button when someone says something to you that does not at all resonate with you, then drag it into the TRASH. 



Ego says – I am separate from everyone else 

Competition, coming first, winning the prize, climbing over and above others…

Source says – I am connected to everyone and everything

We are all one. All Divine Source.

Do you ever look at another and feel that connection? Or look at someone else who challenges you, who raises your feelings of frustration? Next time you are challenged by someone remind yourself, “we are connected, I do not judge you, I now send you love.” Sweep the ego on the side and choose to walk the Path of Source instead.



Ego says – I am separate from what is missing in my life

I don’t have what I want, I am tired, I am sick, I am without…

Source says – There is not place ‘God’ / ‘The Universe’ / ‘Source’ is not

In order to manifest what you want, you simply need to realign yourself; rejoin to the Source.

Take a piece of paper and write the word ‘THAT’ at the top, now below write the list of what you want to manifest. As you read these back to yourself and put them out into the Universe, replace each desire on your list with the ‘that’ in I am ‘that’ I am


I am ‘POWERFUL’ I  am



Come from the place of abundance, of being in alignment with what you are desiring.



Ego says – Who I am is separate from Source (God, The Universe, The Divine)

What you seek is external from you, for your reality is disconnected from Source.

Source says – I am Source. I am Love

See yourself as Divine Love. Let it all go and be Divine Love.

As I sign off on email, “You are your own Goddess, God, Guru and Great Divine,” just as I am. Refrain from evaluating who you are from the Ego Identifiers and instead see your self as Divine Love, as One with all.


I am


It’s not that hard to come from Dao, ‘the Path’ of Source and leave the ego behind. You have an imagination. It is your greatest gift bestowed upon you. This gift is yours to do what you desire, to do as you choose, to fill with I AM.

If I could have a conversation with you right now, Beautiful Soul, just you and I, face to face, I would ask you; Do you know how magnificent you are?

Then I would share with you; you do not need to be so caught up as a human-doing when you are a soul, a spirit, here upon this earth to have an experience as a human-being. You can DELETE and TRASH the judgment, the condemning, the criticising of yourself and others. You can cease the competition for there is no competition when no other spirit on this Earth is a threat to your authentic I AM, for we are all one, … In this moment I send you Divine Love, for that is what you are, Divine Love, as I am. Be in gratitude for who you are, The Divine Presence, Source, Dao, God/Goddess, The Universe in all it’s magnificence.





As Oriah Mountain Dreamer wrote in The Invitation,

It doesn’t not interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing



May you dwell in the joy and the light of who you are here to be.

May you feel your connection to Source and practice daily reverence and gratitude for all that is and all you are, you Divine Love Light you!


With Love, Elise / S*M


P.S … I couldn’t help but share Oriah’s The Invitation in it’s complete brilliance. Enjoy!




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