Kundalini Fire; from Illusions & Dangers to Truth

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Be it called Kundalini bodywork, Kundalini Tantra, Kundalini Activation or Kundalini Awakening what we are seeing at the moment is Kundalini sold as the ‘the new black’; the must have item in your spiritual wardrobe of experiences.

If you identify as a new age spiritual seeker, curious and hungry to take consciousness to new heights, even to enlightenment, you would have likely come across Kundalini, perhaps even taken a workshop, training, or retreat along with everyone else to not miss out on your chance to get activated and start activating others. The thing is, authentic Kundalini is not that simple. Most of what is out there is a shiny, sexy, glamorous illusion that is designed to make you reliant on a “teacher”, group or “school”, or have you feel good fast and turned on for longer, not feel into your soul on a dedicated intensive life path. So, let’s debunk this together today in one big deep dive into Kundalini Fire!

Together, we Also Explore

  • How Do You Know What You Are Experiencing is Kundalini?
  • The ‘Sleeping Serpent’ & The Power of Energy
  • The Danger in Forcing Open & Damaging the Chakras
  • Have You Asked Why Your Body Shakes or Convulses?
  • Burning of Chakras and ‘Webbing’ & Blocking Your Bliss
  • What If You Believe You Have Kundalini Activation and Felt the Rising?
  • But What if You Have Experienced ‘An Awakening’
  • Are You Sure It Doesn’t Spontaneously Awaken?
  • Is a Sexual, Emotional or Heart Awakening Kundalini?
  • What is Required Before Kundalini Should Be Attempted?
  • What About Opening Chakra’s?
  • The Value of Authentic Teaching and the Extreme Karma of Misused Power
  • Spiritual Practice Should Awaken the Powers of the Soul
  • Whether You Are a Teacher or Student Do Not Rely on The Mystique of the East
  • Be Mindful Along Your Path

Stella Excerpt from today’s Podcast

“Swamiji Satyananda who wrote ‘Tantra of Kundaline Yoga’ says a student “should set aside 12 years.” This may sound extreme, though it is how long it may well take to prepare the body, to be able to hold the force of ‘Shakti’ Kundalini. This isn’t simply preparing yourself to go to a yoga retreat or a five-day juice cleanse this is preparation of your mind and heart, your nervous system and glands of your body, your actions and responses to life, the refining of your personality and strengthening of your connection to soul.”


Takeaway Gem to Muse on

“Awakening the powers of the soul (or soul contact as it is referred) is in fact the single, primary aim for all true seekers – the pursuit of soul and love. Rather than the pursuit of worldly experiences, pleasure and desire.”

Article to Dive Deeper

(Including a writing that a teacher of mine -with extensive Kundalini knowledge- has offered to the subject.)

10 Facts on the Illusions, Dangers & Truths of Kundalini Fire

May you honour with integrity every step of your path.

With Love, Elise / S*M

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