Model Chocolate: A Recipe Book


Stella’s Bedside Table Reviews Abigail O’Neill’s Model Chocolate


I eat it all the time! Yes, I am a model.




Sugar free. Dairy free. Gluten Free. Raw Superfood Chocolate Made in Minutes.




Abigail O’Neill’s chocolate recipe book is not a recipe book. It is a healthy chocolate bible, where Fashion meets Superfood.


As a fellow Aussie model who also worships raw chocolate I was in heaven to discover Abigail’s, Model Chocolate.


Between the pages of this beautifully presented chocolate masterpiece, Abigail teaches you how to make delicious creations out of mostly raw and minimally processed ingredients, all made with love.


Quenching your cravings positively means you won’t feel even a little bit guilty! … pure unrefined chocolate satisfies your taste buds and your body’s desire for nutrients. Devoid of all things that make us binge then cringe – THIS TRULY IS MODEL CHOCOLATE.




Cacao + You = Supergorgeousness

From Magnesium, Sulphur, Serotonin & Endorphins, to Vitamins & Minerals, Antioxidants and Weight Control, Abigail explains how Theobroma Cacao – the Latin name for the Cacao tree – really is food of the gods & goddesses. In it’s raw, unprocessed form, cacao has a myriad of nourishing benefits for the entire body.




Abigail walks you through some tips for making the perfect chocolate.

A couple of Stella takeaways from the Raw Chocolatier Genius:

* Double boil  cacao butter to liquify

* Store chocolate in the fridge, or freezer for extra snap!

* Line dish moulds for easy removal

* Experiment with Superfoods

* Select organic and raw where possible for optimum health benefits

* Cacao & Cocoa – learn the grand difference between raw and cooked and opt for RAW!

* Experiment some more!




I’d rather my blender than a pair of Prada shoes!




The right equipment is essential when creating.

Some of Abigail’s invaluable kitchen pieces include;

* Blender

* Food processor

* Coffee grinder – for grinding seeds & cacao nibs

* Aerolatte milk frother – ideal assistant for making hot chocolate


Though to kick start your chocolate making a sharp kitchen knife, spoons, bowls and a whisk will have you on your way!




Inside Model Chocolate is Abi’s Raw Chocolate Pantry; an extensive list of fabulous ingredients that a budding chocolatier may also like to stock up on.

Some Stella pantry stock from the top of Abi’s list includes:

* Raw Cacao butter

* Raw Cacao powder

* Raw Cacao nibs

* Raw Agave

* Raw organic coconut oil

A few cheeky extra’s range from bee pollen and cold-pressed macadamia oil, to maca root powder, rosewater and pomegranate juice!




The only way to read Model Chocolate is cover to cover admiring the pages of exquisite art like you would the latest Vogue. Then, read it again. Stopping at each beckoning recipe to bring Abigail’s delicious creations to life.

What starts out as a feast for the eyes soon becomes a feast for the body, heart and soul – once you get a whisk in hand!


Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 10.39.31 PM


Bring more energy, love and beauty into your life with every supergorgeous bite of Model Chocolate.


A Stella mention goes to the MADONNA BARS (p. 57) I whipped up last week and I can’t wait to take some SHOOT! PROTEIN BARS (p. 46) on the next location for the crew and models!

But first, I’m off to milk my own ‘almond cow’ to prepare a Double Chocka Mylkshake (p. 84) for a Stella afternoon with a raw chocolate BANG!


With Love, S*M




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