Moon Phases, Sacred Sex & Manifestation

The times of peak moon phases have been known to coincide with changes in our moods, behaviour, our bodies – and naturally within this our libido; sexual desires and activity. If the mystical path interests you Sacred sex by the full or new/dark moon can align with ‘birthing’ ideas into reality and letting go of what no longer serves to create deeper love for yourself and between you and your beloved. Deeper again it can be an opportunity to bring more LIGHT to the world, to humanity, to your life and the life you share with your beloved.

As making love is an act of ‘co-creation’ it thus has the potential for manifestation, especially when you bring the intention of mind, time, effort and love into the mix. While this can be shared at any time. You may enjoy aligning with the cycles of the moon.

**PLEASE NOTE** while we have a fascination with the mystical moon, the light we see is that of the SUN. The moon has no light of its own. It is the sun that gives us life, energy, vitality – call that chi or prana – it is the sun which illuminates the globe that is the moon. While in this post I share how to work with the moon phases, the LIGHT we work with is always that of the sun, via the moon in these instances. The power of the sun at each new and full moon is also amplified by the astrological sign coinciding with the sun at that time too, not the moon which is where most astrology still focuses. For more on this sun, light and power we can work with astrologically you may enjoy tuning into the Sacred Guidance with StellaMuse podcast Ep. ‘Esoteric Astrology from the Moon to the Sun’

Making Love on the New Moon

In the West and in ‘new age’ approaches the new moon is said to be about ‘beginnings’. It is the fertile cosmic soil in which you can nurture and grow what you want to bring to earth, on the physical plane. Esoterically we see this phase of less light coming to earth as an opportunity to create more light ourselves, through our intentions, love, kindness, world service, or in this case, deepening our intimate relationships to strengthen the love between us.

Sacred sex / love making can feel magical on the new moon especially with an intention in place. This intention is one that you share together with your partner; such as focusing on finding your new home, creating a shared business, starting a family etc. or beyond yourselves, bringing more light, love, joy, harmony, peace, beauty and plenty to humanity and our home, mother earth. Whatever your shared intention, it can bring about powerful shifts and greatly assist the ‘birthing’ of your highest desires.

3 Steps to Manifestation Lovin’ on the New Moon

  1. What do we want to manifest together? Explore this question as a couple then commit to making love within in two days from the new moon – as it begins the waxing phase. While you make love keep your shared intention in mind…
  1. Focused Orgasm – If you choose to reach an orgasmic peak together this is the time you want to focus on what you are manifesting as a couple by directing your thoughts purely to this creation as you near and reach a/each peak…This is using not only your bodies, but hearts and minds to reach a higher place of consciousness.
  1. Visualise – As you relish in the orgasm or orgasmic moments of your love making this is the time to visualise with as much detail as possible that which you are ‘birthing’ into the world together. Again, using your hearts and minds especially.

“Over land and sea will rule

The child begot when moon is full.”

~ West England rhyme


Making Love on the Full Moon

Some say the when the moon is full it radiates energy which stimulates intuition, affection and desire for spiritual connection. Though it is key to remind ourselves, this mystical approach does differ from modern science and Ageless Wisdom, both which tell us the light of the moon comes from the sun after all.

The amplified energy of a full moon that some people feel can be compared to being at your favourite live concert – where everyone is so excited and elated that their joint energy pools together and ‘amplifies’ the energy of that time and space. It is this amplification of peoples’ joint feelings/moods, thoughts, rituals, beliefs, intentions, biases, even actions etc which has many varying effects. Take the word ‘lunatic’ being used at this time for it can bring out the craziness and erratic nature in some, and can heighten anger and short tempers in others. Likewise, this amplified ‘astral’/feeling energy of pooled emotions at this time can also be used to fuel the fire of passion and sensuality. Interestingly when it comes to sacred loving on the full moon the animal kingdom has led the way; with numerous species mating specifically at this time to enhance their chances of procreation.

Since the moon relates to  our astral or ‘feeling’ body and water and, rules the tides, the moon also arguably can have some influence on body rhythms in humans. For women this can include the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and physical  changes as a female goes from virgin/maiden to mother and wise woman/crone throughout her life. Some say the lunar pull affects the breasts, ovaries, and digestive system. Though there is no extensive scientific research to confirm this. It often draws its validity from the feminine form and the feminine moon thus speaking to one another. Though you may come to experience that your feminine form has its own unique way regardless of the phases of the moon.

Each month, the time of the full moon can influence intensified energy and elevated spiritual activity – especially since everyone still believes this is true, so all their thoughts amplify and pool at this time, essentially feeding of each other. HEnce we see “the moon made me do it” being a popular turn of phrase at these times and many agreeing with it! (naturally the wise know this is a light hearted joke and an easy out of not taking responsibility for our outbursts; physically, emotionally or verbally etc.) Some people who can be swept up in the ‘mass moon mindset’ can experience more sexual thoughts and feelings while the moon is full. Ancient tribes of many cultures used to practice fertility rites at this time and many believe it is the ideal time to conceive. Though of course we have evolved past old ways and rituals today, many that we indeed would not choose to practice such as those of sacrificial rites etc. But some of us are still drawn to explore in part the ritual of sex at this time.

Using the energy around the time of the full moon to increase your sensual, sexual and spiritual connection with yourself and your beloved can be enriching for your union. It can ensure you create quality time and moments even when life gets busy if you choose to schedule these ‘moon ritual’ love sessions. It can even bring an element of freshness, vitality and joy to your sacred sexual life if you have gotten into a rut, or want to explore something new.

You may like to explore and enjoy;

  3 Full Moon Lovin’ Rituals

  1. Prepare and share a naked banquette hand feeding each other some of your favourite delicious foods like berries, dates, raw chocolate – any bite size nibbles of delight you both enjoy – as gentle music plays and candles and incense burn around you. Perhaps save the sparkling water or champagne for dessert, pouring it over your beloveds’ and your body as you enjoy. The moon is connected to the astrological sign of Cancer – the homemaking, loving and nurturing crab who adores fine foods, especially when they are shared with a lover. But who most importantly wants to serve and help others by opening hearts. Interpret this as you desire and share with your beloved the sacred dance of giving and receiving.
  2. Share a shower / have an oil infused bath / take a skinny dip in a pool, ocean or sea. The moon connects to water (hence the connection to the astral realm of emotions and feelings, but also illusion and chaos for some) so being in this liquid element is an ideal way to celebrate the time of the full moon. Especially outside as you bask under the rays of the sun shining brightly through and illuminating the entire moon for us to see.
  1. Create a Sacred Sexual Ritual – A conscious form of love making that takes the experience to a place of mutual worship and merging of body, heart, mind, soul and spirit when the full light is upon you. You may like to do this clothed or disrobed either outside under the moon if the weather permits or somewhere near a window where the light can stream through;

This can look like….

1# First create a sacred space with music, candles, pillows and temperature control, in a place you won’t be disturbed for as long as you desire. I recommend 2 hours minimum.

2# Turn to face each other, knee to knee and gaze into each others eyes 3-5 minutes. Softening your eyes and surrendering. Strive to connect to your beloved’s soul – who and what they really are, beyond their body – in perfect love and perfect trust, in gratitude and surrender. Can  you soften and open your hearts? Can you clear your minds? Can you be present in the moment with them in a space of love?

3# If you can see the full moon from where you are sit together in lotus position looking upon the moon for 2-3 minutes. Feel the light come into your body temple, knowing it is the power of the sun the brings this beauty to you both, filling you and then expand this light using visualisation out into the room of your sacred space. Filling and protecting the entire space. Thank the sun for illuminating the moon. (You can simply close your eyes and visualise the moon in all her full glory, lit up by the vibrant rays of the sun if you are unable to see clearly).

4# Facing your beloved again – place your hand on each others heart and your other hand on top of your beloveds on your heart (and they the same). Close your eyes. Breathe slowly, deeply, in unison; inhaling together and exhaling together for 2-5 minutes. Relaxing into the space, the moment and each others energy.

5# Embrace your beloved and allow yourself to be embraced (disrobe if you have yet to, either slowly before your beloved or they may disrobe you). If you are familiar with the Yab Yum / Mother Father position in Tantra – (a symbolic techniques used in the East as a visualisation and meditation. Seeing the perfect harmony of feminine and masculine qualities perfectly entwined. But in the West, converted to a physical practice of woman sitting in the lap of the man). This is an ideal time to gently ease into this, with no penetration just sitting the Shakti/woman on top arms and legs wrapped around the Shiva/man as he holds her and rocks her gently in a circular motion. Like a calm ocean rocks a boat. Gentle, loving, present, harmonising.

6# Take your time, lay down and begin to explore each other’s body temple; erogenous zones such as the neck, décolletage, inner thighs (avoiding the breasts and genitals at this stage).

7# When the energy between you has built up enough you may now explore to breasts, genitals, in time choose to invite the Shiva (man) into the Shakti’s (woman’s) sacred temple / yoni (vagina). It is an invitation; she must be ready, willing and welcoming of him to receive him entirely so he can penetrate her to her heart and soul…this is not a race to the finish line. Like calm moving water it is fluid, flowing, gentle, rocking, being, exploring and above all an expression of Love.

Enjoy your entwined journey from here.

These above rituals can also be enjoyed solo.

Another mystical practice under the full moon is Yoni Moon Bathing or Yoni Mooning as pictured below.  Be it outside in nature or near a window in the comfort of your boudoir. WIth intention of inhaling through the yoni through the visualising of taking in the love, beauty and joy that you feel at this time through your yoni opening. Combine this with a clear intention/focus in your mind such as; “cleansing, healing or empowering golden light is entering my sacred temple”. Gentleman can do the same with their lingam/penis. As mentioned, since the light of the moon we see is indeed that of the SUN, this ritual with the direct sun’s rays – ideally at first light to be safe and gentle- is more powerful.


It is important to note there can be a combination of mental, rhythmic and hormonal changes that take place during the moon cycles. These play a role in how women and men feel at different phases of the month.

A woman’s cycle in and of itself is powerful. As a woman following your cycle and tracking it on a moon calendar or an app on your phone can be ideal for planning love-making sessions, and different aspects of life in general if you know, for example, that you are more sensitive at times, or more productive at times.

An average cycle for women is 28-32 days and a standard lunar cycle is 29.5. While it is possible that woman can sync with the rhythm of moon it is not the case for all or even most women. For some women, as small samples of some research has shown, when there is more light (from the sun via the moon) it may bring on their ‘moon time’ / menstruation. Though it is not the case for the majority as each woman is extremely unique.

Some women notice how ovulation and menstruation time often falls with the dark/new moon and the full moon – though as unique beings a woman’s cycle depends on numerous factors. From hormone levels and daily work/life stress, to travel, love/sex life, social behaviour and general health (which can include lack of or broken sleep, poor diet, consumption of drugs and/or alcohol and little to no exercise. These factors can all play some part.)

CLICK HERE For more on moon cycles and women’s fertility or connect with me HERE if you seek more personalised Sacred Guidance.

With Love, Elise | S*M


  1. Akila84 on July 25, 2018 at 10:19 pm

    I’m happy others came to the same conclusion!! Watch this oversized vid, Buuuuuuuut it explains pretty much WHY we should pay attention to extasy and orgasm, since there’s the frequency of bliss That creates.

    So at the moment of orgasm you make manifestation come true into reallity.

    Process of creation, you create vocaly and mentally

    I think this would have been the real reason of WHY they danced naked in the forests and of course this would come into erotica since this is the purpose of manifesting all good things for our earth. Some had the idea of controlling and take power and finished this with witches and magician accusations.

    But the real thing is we ARE powerful and we could change our complete system.

    I started with airkinesis and people are evolving in all kind of kinesis arts. I then went on with chemtrailskinesis (making chemtrails vanish), then turning skies into blue and sunny and now vise versa. And then I thought of letting it rain.

    Some of the wishes are very challenging and therfore great frequencies are to be evoked. I think one can do it by method =mental state.

    I connected more profound with nature and wanted to figure out if someone else would have had this idea. Googled and Viola!!

    happens to be more people interconnected to safe Nature, manifestation come!!!

    • stellamuse on July 26, 2018 at 7:02 am

      The mind is an incredible vehicle, along with the heart they can be a dynamic team. Thank you for sharing, With Love, Elise.

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    That’s a turn on. Hopefully I can have this fun with ? I would love it.

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