Navigating the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’

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Navigating the Dark Night of the Soul can also be referred to as the Descent to The Dark Mother Goddess. 

Today I share with you an excerpt from the 10 Veils book available as a free gift from me to you from

There is a longing for a sense of home in your body. Close your eyes a moment, can you feel it? There is a longing for the feminine. This is the time to acknowledge that you do not need to be plucked from obscurity and made a star. It is you who must pick yourself up, heal, clear and open yourself to become the shining light you are here to be. For your inner flame has dulled from starvation of not being fed Spirit and Soul food. Your old ways of ‘doing’ more don’t work, everything seems hidden in darkness or just out of reach and you no longer know who you are.

In this phase of feeling ‘off’ and out of sync from deep within your very core, your highest self is talking to you. You are being given signs to listen and act upon. Ignoring this may lead to sickness in any form; an unshakable flu, stomach and digestion issues, breast lumps, abnormal periods, mental or physical exhaustion or something more dramatic if you need a greater wake up call. This may also appear in your life as a transition, a physical death of a beloved or the ‘death’ ending of someone or something you are attached to. This breakaway causes a spiritual ‘breakdown’ which needs to take place for an awakening, a breakthrough, to occur. This is the darkness that engulfs you to ensure you sense your spiritual loss deep within your very bones, pushing and pulling you into the whirlwind of change.

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Dark Nights of the Soul are continual at intervals on the Path. As you release more and more of what you are not, you will walk in closer alignment with that which you are. These times of darkness can be the most painful and excruciating, confusing and lonely. They are less often psychological crisis and more often spiritual crisis, which is inevitable if you commit to this way of life. It is important you have someone to reach out to if you feel stuck in the darkness without the hint of any light. Reach out to a loved one or a trusted professional at this time to assist you in slowly coming back to the light with gentleness, love and wisdom if you are not yet strong enough to manage entirely alone. In time, the way of a Light Bearer requires you do this work entirely alone – that may already be you or, that may not be your calling in this life. It does not matter where along the spectrum you stand presently. What is important is your wellbeing. Take care of and Honour this.

Stella Excerpt from Today’s Podcast

“This time and every other visit you make to the Underworld you will approach the piercing eyes of the Dark Mother Goddess differently. Sometimes you will face her head on, courageously and with the will of a warrior, – other times with humble, submission. This will change depending on where you are along the Path and what you have in the Underworld to learn. Sometimes call for the lesson of submission, sacrifice and humility, other times call for courage of heart and mustering inner fortitude, to confront what challenges have arisen which seem unconquerable from where you stand today.”

Muse On

  •      Take the time to listen to this over again, sit with and contemplate each part of the descent. Guiding yourself through the process with no haste.
  •      “Am I truly ready, open and willing now to set the time aside to do this work? When is this Sacred time taking place?”
  •      “Have I been here before? Do I find this familiar, and this time am I prepared to release more? What is it this time I am ready to confront and shed when I descend to meet the Dark Mother Goddess?”


Article to Dive Deeper

Descent to The Dark Mother Goddess

Joyous journeying dear one, as you go deeper within to know thyself greater as Soul.

With Love, Elise / S*M

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