Raja Yoga: The King of Yoga

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Raja yoga focuses more on mental control than how good you look and move in yoga pants. Known as the Kingly yoga for it incorporates all the other schools then adds advanced mental practices. The Path of Raja yoga is one of study and mind control to unite you with your highest self. 

Raja yoga leads to the control of yourself and your world. While it asks the most of any who practice it, it gives the greatest return of all yoga; it leads to kavaliamukti or, supreme enlightenment for a Buddhist.  While there are different forms and ways to attain this, Raja is the highest form.

It may seem out of reach, but we can begin to make our way there together today.

Together, We Also Explore

  • Guided practices;
    • Concentration
    • Visualisation
    • Goal Setting
  • Why we practice concentration
  • The 3 Main Schools of the Patanjali System;
    • Karma,
    • Bhakti
    • Jnana
  • The Raja Yoga System
  • The 8 Limbs of Patanjali’s System;
    • Yama or Restraints
    • Neyama or Observants
    • Asana or Posture
    • Pranayama or Breath Control
    • Pratyahara or Sense Withdrawal
    • Daryana or Concentration
    • Dyana or Meditation (what is true meditation & what is relaxation or mindfulness.)
    • Samadhi or Super Consciousness
  • Developing Concentration & Study
  • Leading to Kavaliamukti – Supreme Enlightenment
  • What Yoga is Right for You?
  • Going Beyond the Physical Body – wants, desires
  • Going Beyond the Emotional Body – feelings & moods
  • Swami Vivekanada & the “Internal Mechanism” – Knowing the Mind
  • Don’t Believe it Until You Try for Yourself!
  • Guided Practice;
    • The Ring Pass Not
  • Learning with Open Mind & Open Heart
  • If You Learn to Control Your Mind…
  • Wisdom from Paramahansa Yogananda

Stella Excerpt

“There is knowledge in yoga that explains aspects of reality that science hasn’t even discovered. Know you are part of this is incredible is-ness of things. There are inherent truths that we aren’t often told, and they can change your life in amazing ways. It just takes a bit of work. And you can truly experience being one with the universe, and your mind changing the world.”

Takeaway Gem

“If you can learn to control your mind, you can control your mood, thoughts, perceptions, capabilities.

You can learn to change your own world and maybe the world of those around you as well. If you are willing to pay the price for such knowledge and power.”

May you find your Path and follow it as far as it can take you.

In Light & Love of the Soul, Elise | S*M

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