Rediscover the Essence of Tantra

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If you mention ‘Tantra’ most think it is purely sexual; multiple orgasms, multiple partners, multitudes of pleasure. I’d say this is more like multiple layers of glamour, illusion and fog now veiling the truth; the pure essence of what Tantra encompasses.

The real Tantras are complex beyond what you can image.

Tan-tra is colours, symbols, sound, mental control and harnessing the forces of nature all to quicken your evolution. It is a very guarded study that people devote their entire lives to. So, with many of the western paths purely sexualised (to make you feel good as often as possible), the key parts of this science and art, the pure essence of Tantra, is often lost. Let’s rediscover the Essence of Tantra together.

Together, We Also Explore

-Tantra either comes from Hinduism or Buddhism…

-The real Tantras are complex beyond what you can image…

-Tantra is not ALL about sex, nor even moving sexual energy…

-Transmuting and alchemising addiction and habits to higher consciousness

-ONENESS is at the heart of the essence of Tantra

-Falling into the dangers of just pleasure seeking

-Transmute daily moments into sacred moments

-Corrupted Tantra

-Setting BOUNDARIES and cultivating DISCERNMENT – with questions to Muse on

-Tantric Glamours – the false truths and veils that blind your spiritual path

-A journey of a life time – with highs and lows, darkness and new light

-Vajrayana path of Tantric Buddhism

-GUIDED JOURNEY TO LOVE OF ALL – close your eyes and be guided to higher states of love from partner to cosmos

Stella Excerpt

“To rediscover the essence of Tantra within yourself, you need to better know yourself:  

Do you know your own desires (habits or addictions)? What are they?

Do you have any will power to stop them or do they control you?

What are the quick fixes you go for when you want to feel good or stop some form of pain or suffering?

Do you know your default reactions?

Are you selfish or selfless in relationships – in intimate moments and in everyday life?”

Takeaway Gem

“Eventually Tantra helps you transcend your limited perspective. You become part of your beloved, together you become part of the universe – part of the cosmos. Anything that ends at pleasure misses the essence of Tantra.”

Whatever your path, be it Tantra, Yoga, The Esoteric & Ageless Wisdom, or what it is that speaks to you, may you find your way to the unity, the oneness of all that is. May you find your way to ALL that is Light and Love, Wisdom and Truth, Beauty and Peace.

With Love, Elise | S*M

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