SACRED SESSIONS: Scheduling ‘Love Making’


How scheduled is your week? If you are like many women and men you are living in such a way that time is scheduled and segmented. Client meetings, catch-up’s, chores, workout, to do’s, deadlines, meditate, launches, sleep, lunch break, more meetings, more errands, more do, do, do…

It is this constant doing, this masculine way of approaching life, that for many; who are living in this collective consciousness of the global village, that scheduling ‘love making’ or as I like to call it ‘Sacred Sessions’ is a way to ensure there is investment into your sacred sexual and spiritual relationship. Be this with self or in your relationship with a beloved.

In this step by step guide I introduce you to Sacred Sessions; what they are, how to set them and how to deeply enjoy them and each other to keep the love alive in your most intimate relationship … come let me show you how:


What is a Sacred Session?

It is creating and honouring a certain time and space in your schedule, on a regular basis, to connect and merge in a sacred sexual and spiritual way with self / beloved.


It requires you to be;

Present – There is no answering the phone during this time or allowing for any distraction. This is uninterrupted quality sacred time. Ensure children and pets are taken care of, the dinner is not left on the stove and there is nowhere else you would rather be.


Create & Hold Sacred Space – This space may be created with lighting, music, candles, fresh sheets, booking a room etc. ‘Create’ is a word for you to interpret to set the scene you want to evoke the mood you desire to awaken during the sacred session. Then you hold space by bringing your presence into that space you have created and settling in.


Set an Intention & Communicate – An intention can be as simple as “today I am exploring my body” “Tonight we are opening to deeper love for each other”. Ask yourself or each other; What do you want to be the focus of this Sacred Session? Then communicate this, explore, talk and share your desires or needs in the moment. Being aware that in this space (as always) you are coming from loving kindness and non-judgment.


Worship, Make Love – This is fundamentally an opportunity to reconnect and deepen your loving bond and intimacy. Explore what ‘worship’ and ‘making love’ means to you and your beloved in ways you want to, long to and already do express.


This is a time you can explore your intimate life deeper.

You may like to;

*Devote a sacred session to one person who receives while the other gives then swap next time

*Talking and guiding your beloved as to how you like to be explored and worshiped

*Moving into the ‘orgasmic’ experience of edging – toward heightened states of pleasure without climax

*Role play

*Hand feed each other bite size morsels – teasing and playing or perhaps with blindfolds

*Massage – avoiding genitals to start, instead explore the body as new land

*Slowly undress before a mirror, or each other, and gaze into each other’s eyes across the space. Prolonging the moment of first touch raises the heat between you both and evokes deeper soulful passion


Then honour and flow with what you/both are experiencing.


Questions to ask yourself / each other

Q: What does ‘sacred’ me to me / us when it comes to making love?

Q: What would I / you / we love to explore in this sacred time together?

Q: What would light you / me up & turn you / me on, to open up more to receive?

Q: How can I / we take more time to listen to each other’s bodies; energetically, emotionally, physically?

Q: How can you / I be more; raw, authentic, vulnerable, ‘naked’ in this space?

Q: What are your / my boundaries?

Q: Is there anything else you / we want to share, express, explore in this session?



Artist – Carl Warner

How do you schedule a Sacred Session?

Sync up with your beloved and block out time/s that you are both willing and open to set (ideally at least) 2hours for each other to come together. This may be weekly, fortnightly, monthly. What truly works for you/both and what you deeply want to honour and commit to.


Plan or don’t plan what you want to share (using the above questions to explore this)


Honour the time and date this is a commitment that you honour so there is no room for cancellation and reschedule ‘tomorrow’ or ‘later’ unless under circumstances you both agree to.



Is this Unromantic?

You could look it that way, or perhaps you are so committed and invested in yourself / the relationship, that you are setting special time aside. You are saying “I love you, I value you/us, I am committing to strengthening and deepening us, so I am setting time aside just to honour you/us”.

Perhaps the spontaneity is not here in its conventional form, BUT by scheduling non-negotiable time, like you would any important ‘meeting’, for sensually connecting with yourself or with your beloved you are creating a window for spontaneity to be awakened during the session.

*Please note: This does not mean there cannot also be spontaneous love filled quickies and sacred sessions at any time. It does however mean you are deeply invested in the intimacy and growth of your union so much so you are factoring it in as important into your ‘busy’ life. Because all to easily, as I am sure you can relate, you get so ‘busy’ ‘doing things’ that ‘life gets in the way’ and your ‘too tired’ and ‘overworked’ at the end of the day to so much as get naked for self-pleasure or with your beloved, let alone deeply connect.


The Downfall in Lack of Sacred Connection

This isn’t healthy for you as a soul, let alone for your Divine body temple. Which, to thrive, needs to be held, seen, heard, honoured and cherished. So what better way to nourish, heal and deepen your intimacy and connection to the sacred then in merging as one with the one you love / and or with self.


The Move from Masculine Doing to Feminine Being with ‘Sacred Sessions’

Sacred Session are the action steps which move your relationship and your way of life away from the masculine driven way of being, to a more feminine approach of expression, flow and being. Bringing in creative time to play, explore and express is part of the Sessions. It is through creating an environment or ‘sacred space’ for intimacy that this feminine essence can penetrate your relationship. Not only will this help slow you both down to the here and now but also allow you to begin to value what is real. Which is love; truth, beauty, and intimacy.

In Tantra Intimacy is In-To-Me-I-See, it is a way of going deep into your soul, your beloved’s soul and into the union you have created and want to nourish and deepen. A deeper connection of reverence, honour and worship can flourish in this space.


Inner Balance for Total Oneness through ‘Sacred Sessions’

You begin to balance out the masculine / feminine energies in everyday life and thus in the relationships with self and beloved. This harmony of the masculine feminine is a dance which desires most to be in harmony between the two. It is by investing in this dance between partners or within yourself that you begin to raise your vibration; from genitals to heart, and into third eye/consciousness and heightened states. Thus also moving from orgasm (genitals only) to orgasmic (full body merging with another and that which is greater).

This upward movement of energy is what will raise your consciousness. Moving sexual energy like this has the ability to clear stagnant energy held within you that may have been blocking your creativity, power in relationships, ability to forgive, depth of connection with self, other and Divine, and beyond.

You may begin to notice you are not just your body (neither are you the title you have, the car you drive, the clothes you wear – you are none of this ‘glamour’ that is of this world.) And that your beloved is neither just their body. That you more attracted to the very fabric of their soul.  You can begin then to open and clear your perception enough to sense, see, feel, taste and embody a depth that is beyond physical; call it love or energy, euphoria, ecstasy or oneness. All through connecting with the sacred soul of self and/or with your beloved. All of which is more available to you if you create the time and space to immerse in the connection of what a regular Sacred Session practice can offer.


Enjoy the journey and exploration of your Sacred Sessions!


With Love, Elise / S*M

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