Spiritual Development ~ The Life Changing Relationship with Self, Teacher & Source

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Self-development in the pursuit for personal growth and thus personal happiness and success has its limits. For it still stays with the self as a separate entity – the me, my, I at its core. Even if it offers others something along the way. Does personal development have a place? Absolutely. Can it help? Definitely. Is it the end game? Not ever close.

Spiritual development takes you to places (worlds, planes of consciousness) you have never imagined, never seen or experienced before. It takes you deeper into knowing your true self beyond body, heart and mind.

As renowned mystics, esotericists, yogis, sages, monks, nuns, gurus and greats among us have all written, sung and mused about, they had a teacher, a guide who helped them get there. Getting them to the point of truly knowing themselves, establishing a firm footing upon the spiritual life path and then, being of true service in the world. All to share and pass on the light to others – who just like they once did, are trying to navigate their path.

Together, We Also Explore

  • The illusion of ‘happiness’
  • Personal development – have you reached the limit? Are you ready to rise higher?
  • Stages of personal to spiritual development
  • Are you seeking and creating true success?
  • Great teachers who taught the great teachers
  • Glamour, Illusion, Maya & the path of least resistance
  • From the kiddy pool of life to the depths of the diving pool and up the mountain
  • My intimate story from materialism & illusion to a dedicated life of spirituality
  • The life changing relationship ~ with Self, Guide & Source
  • What kind of teacher can serve you best?
  • Wisdom Teachings from Swami Vivekananda & Helena Blavatsky
  • Knowledge, becomes wisdom only with personal experience and practice…
  • Preparing for the Teacher

Stella Excerpt

…awake, alive, sensitive to worldly suffering (of our own doing) and all its glamourous false truths we can question and further explore that what the world calls ‘happiness’ and ‘success’ is not happiness or success at all. And then we can ask, what can be done about it? What am I going to do? How can we all wake-up from this intoxicated sleep and truly begin to live and love, find wisdom and beauty and, serve?

Takeaway Gem

This is the grand opportunity for your greatest growth, healing, releasing and rebirth – the path of spiritual progress – ultimately to experience life greater than yourself, but through yourself. It is a dedicated life path, that often takes lifetimes to master and for that you will want to prepare yourself from wherever you are now. For if you are ready to put out the call to meet your teacher they may well just be ready for you…

Are you ready to journey into Spiritual Development with me today?

In Light & Love of the Soul, Elise | S*M

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