Spiritual Values for a Purposeful Life

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Even if you aren’t fully conscious of your own values you’re still either governed in part by them, or are neglecting them and governed by someone else’s values you’ve taken on.

When it comes to living a conscious life and walking a spiritual path with integrity, honesty, humility and selflessness we need to not only be aware of spiritual values, but work at aligning ourselves with them. Embodying them. Living them as our Truth.

Like a commitment to your highest self, to all fellow humanity and to Source (however you call that; God, Divinity, All That Is etc.). It is in this simple yet profoundly deep, dynamic and life changing commitment that you can truly find your purpose in the world. Knowing that no matter what life may place before you, you have your spiritual values like a north star shining on the darkest of nights, lighting your path toward the dawn of new day.

Together, We Also Explore

A Love of Truth;

  • Can you handle the Truth?
  • Open Mind Open Heart
  • Discernment & Discrimination of the real and the unreal
  • Brihadaranyaka Upanishad prayer and the human cry for truth
  • A modern ‘post-truth world’
  • Ethical Journalism
  • Check-in questions for reflection
  • Your truth is mental & emotional
  • Emotions & Thoughts change

A Sense of Justice;

  • Social, Political & Cultural Justice
  • Equality
  • Astrological sign of Libra & Lady Justice
  • Your Analytical Mind

A Sense of Personal Responsibility;

  • Holding Yourself Accountable
  • All is Energy
  • Check-in questions for reflection

A Spirit of Cooperation;

  • Active Goodwill
  • Principle of Right Human Relationships
  • Selfless Service & Love with a Big L
  • Operating as a United Collective

Serving the Common Good

  • The Sacrifice of Selfishness
  • Mini guided visualisation
  • Check-in questions for reflection
  • A Quest for Synthesis, for Unity
  • ‘One Work’ & The Agni Yoga Teaching
  • Patience, Persistence, Intelligent Compassion

Stella Excerpt

“To embrace this spiritual value – of Justice – we must develop a sense of values and the power to use our analytical mind especially. This includes using our mind and values to fairly balance the feminine and masculine of the world, particularly with gender equality and, also our treatment of what we call Mother Earth. The physical manifestation of the feminine principle.”

Takeaway Gem

“If we are open minded and open hearted enough to expand our truth and all our values to be ones of spiritual nature we will connect, we will delve into self-realisation, we will better ‘know thyself’. All the better to live a conscious life that serves the many, so together we can rise as one.”

In Light & Love of the SOul, Elise | S*M

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