Stella's Choc Caramel Queen of Hearts & Goji Berry Muse Triangles


Stella’s Choc Caramel Queen of Hearts & Goji Berry Muse Triangles


So much raw chocy goodness coming from the StellaChef Kitchen we need a special day to celebrate, so EasterValentines Day it is!

I’m certain Hallmark are designing a card to join in the festivities as we lick the choc covered spoons!





First we make the raw chocolate base for both treats then we jazz up each mix to make two Stella chocy creations.



3/4 cups raw organic coconut oil

3/4 cup Jarrah honey

1 cup of raw organic cacao powder

1 small pinch of Himalayan salt




Double boil the coconut oil if it is solidified, (just like we did for previous StellaChef desserts like StellaNutella)

Mix in the honey, cacao and salt and stir until you get a gorgeous chocolaty sauce.

This is your base for both the Choc Caramel Queen of Hearts and the Goji Berry Muse Triangles




For the Choc Caramel Queen of Hearts

You will need a heart mould tray

Half fill each heart with your chocolaty sauce

Then add a tiny bit of 100% pure almond paste (the size of your finger nail) on top

Then fill the rest of each heart with more chocolaty sauce

Add a little sprinkle of magic dust from your fingertips

Freeze your heart tray for a couple of hours




Pop them out to serve on a beautiful dish


cards queen of hearts


Your Queen of Hearts are ideal with a hot cup of roasted dandelion tea!





For the Goji Berry Muse Triangles

Pour the remaining chocolaty sauce onto a glad wrap covered tray

Even it out into a chocolate block like shape

Sprinkle on top organic Goji berries, some raw organic cacao nibs and some magic dust

Place in the freezer to set for a couple of hours

Remove your slice from the tray and peel off the glad wrap




Slice your Stella creation into squares then diagonally slice them again, into Muse Triangles, et voila!




Serve these babies with a yummy pot of African Rooibos tea. De-lish!



Happy EasterValentines Day StellaTribe!





These will be going to the Champions’ abode tonight, and you can bet Stella’s Dad will be receiving a platter for Fathers Day too!




Why not whip up some for your Dad (and Mum … & the rest of your LoveLight Tribe!)




What other raw choc treats are you whipping up to celebrate this EasterValentines Day!?

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  1. Elise Carr / StellaMuse talks to ‘Life with Elizabeth Rose’ – “I’ve grown up with the awareness that ‘we are what we eat’, eating in season is ideal and eating for your body is essential, so I always factor that in.  I have an intolerance to gluten so I avoid that. I also don’t eat processed foods including sugar, additives, preservatives or dairy. I listen to my body, if I am craving something sweet I know my blood sugar may be low or perhaps I need hydrating so I grab a big glass of clean water and make a mixed green salad with seeds and nuts. If I need a pick me up I do love homemade raw cacao chocolate and may enjoy one or two pieces of something like these above.”

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