Stella’s Top 9 LoveLight Checklist

Truth, authenticity, love, kindness … what is on your LoveLight checklist?


1. Be True – If there is one person you can’t lie to it is yourself. Be true to you and others. By honouring your truth you are also honouring respect and karma, and coming from a place of love.


2. Be Authentic – If something doesn’t sit right with you, if it is against your morals, better judgement or intuition, listen to your integrity. Be your authentic self and do what does feel right.


3. Come from Love – Words, thoughts, actions … with everything you say think and do choose to come from Love. Love of self and others!


4. Shine Your Light – Harness, celebrate and express yourself through your talents and creativity. Whatever that is for you. We all have our unique gifts and skills which bring us joy. What are yours?


5. Breathe Deep – When you get frustrated, angry, upset, or overwhelmed take a moment and breathe deep. You can count to 10, remove yourself from the situation, take a few breaths and refocus. Focusing on our breath brings us back to the present, helps us rationalise and clear our mind so we can pick up again with clarity and calm.


6. Act with Kindness – Simple acts of kindness mean so much; from smiling at strangers on the street, helping where you can, donating and volunteering, to preparing a loving meal for your self. Yes, kindness for ourselves and for others are both valid and essential.


7. Learn Lessons – Have you noticed sometimes how the same situations keep happening in slightly different ways until we change somehow? Perhaps it is our approach that needs refining, or perhaps we need to stop what we are doing and change our course. Or do we need to step back from a relationship that no longer serves our growth? Until we learn the lessons we cannot move forward. Be open to the signs that what you are doing may not be the most effective way. Adapt, learn and grow.


8. Be Gracious – No mater the situation, the challenge of emotions is to remain in control of them, not allow them to take control of you. Staying cool headed when you or someone else is angry and losing control. Depending on the situation, instead of losing control of your emotions, be polite, friendly, thoughtful, tactful, diplomatic, kind, caring. Be gracious, towards others and yourself.


9. Be Brave – Courage to walk your path the way you feel is true for you. Courage to step into the unknown and try new experiences, meet new people, and embrace change. Life is evolution; your bravery helps you take the next step forward.


What motivation and inspiration is on your LoveLight checklist, StellaTribe?


With Love, S*M





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