Supreme Spiritual Contact & Blessings – Wesak Full Moon of May



Great spiritual forces are more available to us than ever before.

All around the world we are coming together in small and large groups to improve the human condition.


As we awaken to the realisation that we are part of this luminous web of life, the segregation through sex/gender, class, religion and culture no longer has the same strong hold. While we still have far to go, we as a humanity are the receptive, connective link joining above / God / Source / Universe to the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms. There is a great responsibility that we have to care for the earth and all her creatures along with a care for each other – to strengthen our uniting as one.


It is on the full moon of May each year that this linking and brining to earth of Light is at its most important and powerful.  This is a day of meditation and prayer. A day when each and everyone of us on the path, no matter our beliefs, faith or religion, link together in both mind and heart. Even your imagination is called upon to participate in this supreme event of spiritual contact and blessings on Wesak.


It is now, with the sun in the sign of Taurus, the astrological sign of illumination and vision, that closely connects us to the Buddha. Thus this is a sacred time especially for Buddhists, who gather in the millions to honour the Buddha; lord of light, the messenger of the east. It is the three events of Buddha’s birth, his enlightenment and his death which each took place on a May full moon that mark this an honoured time.


Wesak is also known as the time when the Buddha returns

Offering blessings of enlightenment and radiating energy upon the world. He is said to join with the Christ and the Saints of all faiths and traditions at this time.


You are invited now through your own meditation and prayer to use the power of your creative imagination to participate in this festival, assisting in the sharing of the Light and Buddha’s Blessing around the world.


This may seem like an abstract idea or event, but it is an opportunity to be part of the energies released by the Buddha at Wesak to;

Aid the shift of consciousness that is occurring

Stabilise us as a humanity

Build new thought forms for a more conscious and awake future


For those ready to step onto or are already on the path,

The festival of Wesak provides you with a potent and powerful opportunity to be of great service and goodwill.

You may like to;

*Sit in a place you feel comfortable where you will be least disturbed. (Upright on a cushion or leaning back on a chair for example)

*Relax into your space and close your eyes

*With focus and concentration, bring your awareness inward

*(Letting thoughts or distractions pass by like clouds, as you bring yourself back to your focus)

*Meditate upon the radiating distribution of light around the world. (Call upon your imagination here if it resonates to envisage this)

*Maintain your concentration for a comfortable time.


If it calls to you, you can make a special effort in your thinking and thoughts, to come from a place of;

*Loving kindness




*Sensitivity to the higher possibilities of humanity.

*Striving to do your best as the detached observer or witness of your mind and all that is. With the aim of holding a focus of sustained inner silence while keeping in mind the needs of all humanity.


5 minutes of quality presence of mind is more powerful and safe, compared to sitting for longer with straying thoughts or over stimulating your mind if it is strained. Listen to your inner self and intuition to guide you and honour this with discernment.


You may like join a group to meditate especially in the 18 hours prior to the full moon and on the exact time of the full moon wherever you may be. You may also like to recite a mantra or The Great Invocation, and close your meditation with the sacred sound of the vibration ‘Om’.


Together, channelling the powerful forces, we can call forth the blessings bestowed on earth at this time, releasing the spiritual power to lead to change in human consciousness and in the conditions of this material driven, world in need we live.


You and I joining with the luminous web of others around the world can help shift the balance of forces on our planet towards the Light.


May you embrace the opportunity of this full moon of Wesak.

With Love, Elise / S*M

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