Wesak: The Great Eastern Festival & Full Moon

“I SEE AND WHEN THE EYE IS OPENED, ALL IS LIGHT.” Taurus seed thought for meditation

Wesak: The Great Eastern Festival & Full Moon

Even if it isn’t something you often think of, there is a knowing inside of you that senses the separation between us. How modern life, though never before more connected with technology, keeps us distracted, busy and separated – with one side against another; be that race, gender and sexuality, politics, religion and beliefs, countries and cultures. Humanity is divided. But the ancient knowledge and ageless wisdom tells us the intention of our planet is to demonstrate the essential unity of humanity. That the energy we are here to manifest is one of integration. Of true, pure Love.

Imagine if we did integrate, and unite, and this plan was truly realised. The world problems would dissipate and we could truly re-establish a rhythm of harmony, peace, beauty and love-wisdom. We could move closer to our innate truth as a unified humanity. I know I long for this and all I do is in aid of this. I have a vibe you too may be on this Path. The Wesak Festival and coinciding May Full Moon weaves entirely with this also.

When it comes to the science of meditation the intention is for us to be of service to humanity. This is the essential motivation of all true creative meditation. It is not a focus on what we can personally gain but, the opportunity for our minds to expand, based on our ability to love and serve each other and all others. The ultimate result here for you is in your consciousness. It is the illumination, wisdom and your will-to-good merged with your expanding ability to work together as a unified team, to co-operate if you will, in this creative and redemptive purpose of humanity. This meditation is not only practical and effective it is your opportunity to serve the planet and everyone here calling it home.

The importance of Wesak

The Festival of Wesak is the great Eastern Festival. The Festival of the Buddha, who is the spiritual intermediary between the highest spiritual centre; Shamballa and, the Hierarchy. The Buddha is the expression of the Wisdom of Source or God. The Embodiment of Light and the Indicator of the Divine Purpose. Our divine purpose. Annually, Wesak is celebrated at the Full Moon of May when the Sun is in the astrological sign of Taurus. (though sometimes it can fall in April). Wesak is a day of reunion. It is a pilgrimage and rejoicing expectancy. For many it is a sacred or holy day – a present living, heavenly event where the love from Source is released through the Buddha given to The Chosen One (Also known as the living Christ) who then distributes it to all of humanity. For some this may be just an ancient legend, to others a mythical story. But, to a large number it is a state of present fact; that Buddha returns once a year to bless the world and transmit this potent spiritual energy to all.

So the story goes…

It is said, as if following the light that leads the way, many pilgrims make the great journey to find their way to a tiny valley at the furthest end of the Tibetan Himalayas and there they gather. Waiting for the peak moment of the Wesak full Moon where the sacred solemn ritual is performed. A ritual that people of other faiths to Buddhism have also witnessed in their dreams, recorded and shared. Though much to their own surprise and amazement this auspicious event was not a dream phenomenon, as others over time have said the same of their dreams at this Full Moon time – they say it is based upon definite ceremony that they too took part in if only in the astral, they believe they too were there.

This dream, the legend, this universal fact is said to take us to a tiny valley of high altitude in the foothills of the Tibetan ranges of the Himalayas. High mountains almost entirely encircle this valley accept to the northeast, where a small opening of the ranges sits. Toward the northern end there is a giant, flat rock. No trees or shrubs are to be found in the valley, it is covered instead with coarse grass. The trees only stand scattered upon the mountains. As the full moon approaches pilgrims from regions all around come together. Lamas and holy folk fill the southern and middle parts. They leave the northeast free – for it is there that a group of Beings Who Are Custodian on Earth of the Plan for our planet and humanity gather. Some call them ‘the Masters of the Wisdom’, the planetary ‘Hierarchy’, ‘the Masters of all Masters’…we can also call them the ‘Rishis’ of the Hindu Scriptures or the ‘Society of Illuminated Minds’, the perfected humanity. With their Love-Wisdom and knowledge they stand as a protective wall to our humanity, seeking to lead us from darkness to light, from the unreal to the real and from death to immortality. This remarkable group prepare themselves for a great act of service at this time. In front of the giant rock there are also ‘The three Great Lords’. Known as the disciples of the Rishis. These three stand facing the rock where a grand crystal bowl filled with water rests upon it.

It is interesting to note those who have described this experience, of being at this gathering in the tiny valley, have all said they stood in the exact same position; in the lower part of the valley. Knowing later it was a symbolic representation of their own evolutionary phase of life. For behind the Masters, adepts, initiates and high workers under the Plan, there are disciples and aspirants of all levels either in physical body or out of body / astral (like in dream state) and that is from where they joined.

As the prime hour of the exact full moon approaches, a stillness comes upon the crowd and they all cast their gaze to the northeast. Ritualistic moves are performed by the Masters and Their disciples of all ranks as they take their symbolic places. To the sound of certain chanted words or esoteric phrases called mantrams they form on the valley floor significant symbols such as the five-pointed start or a triangle, amid other well-known formations all with potent and deep meaning.

The entire body of expectant onlookers begin to feel the tension, a stimulation or potent vibration. This force has the effect of awakening those souls present; fusing and blending the group to one unified whole. Lifting them to a great height of readiness, spiritual demand and expectancy. The climax of the world’s aspiration is focusing within this waiting group. The words: ‘demand’, ‘readiness’ and ‘expectancy’ blend to paint the truest picture of the atmosphere amid the group of this secret valley.

Chanting and rhythmic weaving has grown stronger and stronger still as the crowd draws their eyes toward the sky at the narrow parting of the mountains. A few short minutes before the exact full moon, far in the distance, a tiny speck is just beginning to be seen in the night sky. Drawing closer and closer. Growing in clarity as it approaches, first an outline and then the complete form of the Buddha is seen. Seated in cross-legged position, dressed in saffron-coloured robes, bathed in light and colour with hand extended in blessing. Descending from on high to the little valley in Tibet. On the furthest side of the Himalayas he arrives fully. Hovering directly over the giant rock. The Great Lords speak a mantrum used only at this time and the entire gathering immediately bow upon the earth. A vibration of such force it travels from the aspirants, disciples and initiates to Source Itself. This marks the supreme moment of intense spiritual effort throughout the entire year, and the spiritual visualisation of humanity. The spiritual effects last the entire coming year. This is cosmic, it is universal. A spiritual force from which all creative beings have come. The blessing pours forth to The Chosen One; the representative of humanity, who receives it in perfect trust to distribute to all.

It is then the Buddha recedes and disappears into the distant darkness, again a speck to the eye until a complete departure to return again at that place on high where he resides until next year. The entire annual blessing ceremony from arrival to departure is just eight minutes. Year after year he has returned and year after year given the blessing to The Chosen One who has distributed for the spiritual benefit of humanity.

Between the Buddha and The Chosen One the two aspects of a Divine life are bestowed upon us all; Buddha with the wisdom of Source and, The Chosen One with the Love of source, both which pour forth into humanity each full moon of May.

Once Buddha has disappeared, those gathered stand again and the bowl of water is distributed. Small portions given to the Masters, initiates and disciples before they leave, off to go serve from their places of service. Pilgrims who have arrived with tiny cups and vessels for water receive their portion and share with others. The symbolism of this water ceremony of communion lays the esoteric hint indicting the New Age we find ourselves in. That of the Aquarian age – a symbol of the water barer carrying a pitcher of water. Purified, sharing of the water having been magnetised by the Buddha (wisdom) and The Chosen One (love) it carries the virtues of healing and help. Blessed, the silent crowd go their own way and all depart renewed with the spiritual energy to undertake another years’ service to humanity and to the world.

Dream, legend, or universal fact?

It is for you to decide.

But at this time Great spiritual forces are more available to us than ever before.

For beyond the tiny valley in the Himalayas, all around the world fellow pilgrims of all walks of life are coming together in small and large groups to improve the human condition.

As we awaken to the realisation that we are part of this luminous web of life, the segregation through sex/gender, class, religion and culture no longer has the same strong hold. While we still have far to go, we as a humanity are the receptive, connective link joining above – call it Source / God / Universe to the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms. There is a great responsibility that we have to care for the earth and all her creatures along with a care for each other – to strengthen our uniting as one to rise closer to our Divine nature, leaving our selfish and segregated ways behind.

It is on the full moon of May each year that this linking and bringing to earth of Light is at its most important and powerful.  This is a day of meditation and prayer. A day when each and every one of us on the path, no matter our beliefs, faith or religion, link together in both mind and heart with Soul. Even your imagination is called upon to participate in this supreme event of spiritual contact and blessings on Wesak.

It is now, with the sun in the sign of Taurus, the astrological sign of illumination and vision, that closely connects us to the Buddha. Thus, this is a sacred time. Especially for Buddhists, who gather in the millions to honour the Buddha; lord of light, the messenger of the East. It is the three events of Buddha’s birth, his enlightenment and his death which each took place on a May full moon that mark this an honoured time.

We especially meditate in a group at this time. Uniting our energies as a selfless service. As it is not about asking for things for our individual selves it is an opportunity to use the science, the technique meditation for spiritual contact. This service meditation is on behalf of the planet, and the meditation that we can commit to, if done correctly from a place of selfless love and wisdom teaches us a higher form of meditation than perhaps we have practice previously. When we connect together and contribute our energies on this auspicious evening with people all around the world doing the same thing we are keying in to the planetary high point of the month and the year. As this meditation is connected to the Buddha and the Buddha consciousness it spreads out the energy / consciousness like a web. A web we are all part of. How active or passive you are in this web however is your choice.

You are invited now through your own meditation and prayer to use the power of your creative imagination to participate in this festival, assisting in the sharing of the Light and Buddha’s Blessing around the world.

Perhaps for you this may still seem like an abstract idea or event, for others it is a remarkable night of spiritual energy you can feel deeply, viscerally, palpably, electrically. However you relate at this point of your path it remains an opportunity to be part of the energies released by the Buddha at Wesak to;

  • Aid the shift of consciousness that is occurring
  • Stabilise us as a humanity
  • Build new thought forms for a more conscious and awake future

For those ready to step onto or are already on the Path,

The festival of Wesak provides you with a potent and powerful opportunity to be of great service and goodwill.

You may like to;

  • Sit in a place you feel comfortable where you will be least disturbed. (Upright on a cushion or leaning back on a chair for example)
  • Relax into your space and close your eyes
  • With focus and concentration, bring your awareness inward and to your minds’ eye
  • (Letting thoughts or distractions pass by like clouds, as you bring yourself back to your focused mind)
  • Meditate upon the radiating distribution of light around the world. (Call upon your imagination here if it resonates to visualise this)
  • Maintain your concentration for a comfortable time.

If it calls to you, you can make a special effort in your thinking and thoughts, to come from a place of;

  • Loving kindness
  • Compassion
  • Non-judgment
  • Humility
  • Sensitivity to the higher possibilities of humanity or what is esoterically called the Plan
  • Striving to do your best as the detached observer or witness of your mind and all that is. With the aim of holding a focus of sustained inner silence while keeping in mind the needs of all humanity and how you can contribute to this and how we as a united group can contribute to making a difference. What does that look like? As light and love spread like a luminous web connecting each and everyone one of us.

5 minutes of quality presence of mind is more powerful and safe, than sitting for longer with straying thoughts or over stimulating your mind if it is strained. Listen to your inner self and intuition to guide you and honour this with discernment.

You may also join a group to meditate – especially in the 18 hours prior to the full moon or on the exact time of the full moon wherever you may be. You may also like to recite a mantra or The Great Invocation, and close your meditation with the sacred sound of the vibration ‘Om’ as you visualise the Light radiating out to all through the luminous web we are connected by.

Together, channelling the powerful forces, we can call forth the blessings bestowed on earth at this time. Releasing the spiritual power to lead to change in human consciousness and in the conditions of this material driven world in need that we live. So that we can shift from the obsession of materialism, power and status closer to the divinity of our innate spirituality through the light of love-wisdom, of heart-mind united.

You and I joining with the luminous web of others around the world can help shift the balance of forces on our planet towards the Light. I’m honoured and humbled to share this momentous opportunity with you.

In Love and Light of the soul, Elise | S*M

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