The Sacredness of the Moment – Embodying Presence

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Instead of living in virtual or online worlds, living disconnected and severed from what you really are, distracted, worrying, rushing, anxious, I give you some practical entry points to embodying your own presence. To guide you to reconnecting with the sacredness of the moment. This moment, your life. Through the beauty of a consistent morning practice, learning the art, the beauty and the power of slowing down with calm stillness, being the watcher and witness of your personality nature, journeying with breath and beyond.

Together, We Also Explore

  • Where you are and where ‘we’ the collective are
  • Cutting corners to get things done quicker, is the default but not the answer
  • How do we wake up?
  • The Beauty and Wisdom of Morning Practice + questions to Muse on
  • The Calm of Stillness + questions to Muse on
  • The Gift of Pausing & Sleep + questions to Muse on
  • The Art of Watcher & Witness + questions to Muse on
  • The Journey of The Breath & a Word on Pranayama + questions to Muse on
  • The Truer Path to Sensing, Feeling, Knowing Awareness in Every Moment
  • The Opportunity to Shift Your Consciousness

Stella Excerpt

“Have you ever felt like you are alive but not living? Not sensing your aliveness, and as a result not only sleep walking through your own life, but bypassing others doing the same? Collectively we are also not awake and alert enough to value what is truly important, beautiful and of wisdom in this world. We aren’t even awake and alert enough to take the action needed to combat the global crisis we are living in…though some of us are waking up rapidly, collectively we have far to go and that gap can only be bridged by starting with our personal efforts.”

Takeaway Gem

“When we begin to make tiny little adjustments that become weaved into the fabric of our day we can begin to notice internal and or external shifts in our experience of life. We may even realise we can not only do, but we can be. And at those times of being we can become the witness of our reactions and actions, our thoughts and words, our judgments and planning and, also our emotions and feelings. We can realise here that we have the innate ability to witness our personality nature – the physical, emotional and mental components that make up our personality, and we can thus make wiser choices.”

To your Sacred Journey.

In Light & Love of the Soul.

Truth & Love-Wisdom, Elise | S*M

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