Transforming Anger & Unmet Needs into Intimacy & Activism

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You get angry, you blame someone or something. It’s easy to blame. It puts it outside of yourself and gives you a perfect out to not have to do any real work and break the anger cycle. From anger & blame, to unmet needs in romantic, professional and family relationships and learning to get to the root cause – not just deal with surface effects, we cover it all. Along this transformation of anger we also then learn how to not only move closer to love and intimacy beyond anger, but also how anger can be put to use IF used for good. For anyone who’s ever gotten angry or knows someone who has, this is for you.

Together, We Also Explore

  • Anger & Blame
  • What’s really going on inside of you?
  • Unmet Needs – yours, theirs & ours
  • Your Psyche, Causes & Effects
  • Seeking the right kind of professional guidance
  • Anger can manifest in different ways – from passive aggressive to violence
  • Looking for and understanding your behaviour patterns
  • TRUTH with a capital T leads to Intimacy
  • Unveiling ALL the Needs
  • Doing the Work & Finding the Joy
  • Changing your own world – some steps to take from here … including forgiveness
  • How ANGER can be an incredible source of POWER
  • Alchemising Anger into Activism
  • Are you Winning or Losing with Anger?
  • Coming Together and Rising Above Anger

Stella Excerpt

“…getting angry can make things worse, have you noticed that? Either you waste a lot of energy getting angry at something and don’t even get a response. Or, you create a storm with someone else and it erupts into something that causes harm; either in behaviour – yours and/or theirs, in cruel words and, in uncontrollable erratic emotions that cover everything in their way. Nothing great can come from projections of anger that are running wild and rampant.”

Takeaway Gem

“If you let anger take you over you are not winning, you are losing. You are losing an inner battle of will power and of closing your hearts and minds. And you are likely also hurting or even losing people you love and care about because of it. Anger does not need to control you. You are the one to control the anger.”

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