World Servers of the New Age

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Walking this earth, no exoteric outer form to recognise them by; no titles, badges or superhero capes, and no building or ceremony needed – there is a group of women, men and those however they choose to identify, who are striving to supersede the outdated hierarchical efforts of what has been.

From all fields they come; economic, political, scientific, religious, artistic and beyond. They are gathering greater and greater numbers, while training their minds and controlling their emotions – to keep conscious, calm and poised. They embody a yoga of synthesis. They may seem silent, but they are steadily and powerfully applying themselves to govern and guide this world.

These are the people who, whether they are aware of it or not, comprise of the World Servers of the New Age. They are not an organisation, they are an organism. Breathing new life into the modern dark ages we are finding ourselves still dwelling in. They are working to educate humanity and expand human consciousness, so that newer, truer ideas may be grasped, embodied and acted upon. This is a spreading of international goodwill and spiritual unity – What is greatly needed at this time.

Are you one of these World Servers of the New Age?

Together, We Also Explore

  • Who World Servers of the New Age Are
  • Shifting from the old age Pisces to Aquarius, the new age
  • What World Servers Learn to do
  • How to change and evolve even when it’s hard
  • Cleaning your own mental, emotional and physical self
  • Inner harmony & Alignment
  • Fear & Stress
  • Love – unconditional & acceptance of self, others and ALL humanity
  • The quality of Harmlessness
  • How to become a Leader through listening
  • Questions to ask yourself as a blossoming World Server of the New Age
  • Transition & expanding consciousness

Stella Excerpt

“Are you ready to intelligently train your mind and balance your emotions – knowing there is no easy shortcut along this path to reach the goal?”


Takeaway Gem

“World Server’s Choose to Change Themselves – even if and when it’s hard or challenging.

Be honest with yourself – how are your daily thoughts, actions, emotions, motivations?

Notice and learn about yourself, your habits, default patterns, your emotional reactions, your constant internal dialogue, your addictions (beyond sex, drugs, alcohol, gambling, shopping, it may be any PATTERN – it can be being rejected by people, being judgmental, being superior/inferior, working too much, making excuses…),

Watch and witness yourself as you take one part; a physical, emotional or mental behaviour / addition or habit and start to make even one change here.”

I am honoured to join with you as we move ever onward with this lighted way of service, as World Servers of the New Age.

With Love, Elise | S*M


  1. Deserea on November 13, 2018 at 6:06 am

    Thank you for sharing this podcast, I feel very connected to what you are saying.
    I will be looking at what I can clear away – I really do want to be open more to see more.
    Listening to your calm voice does make a difference in how I am feeling.
    I enjoyed the podcast very much.

    • stellamuse on November 13, 2018 at 6:25 am

      My joy to share each podcast, Deserea. I’m so glad it resonates AND you are so committed to doing your work – the greater you can serve in the world. Thank you for being you. With Love, Elise | S*M.

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