Change: The Fear & The Beauty

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We all relate to change differently. Some of us embrace it, thrive on it, seek it almost like the fix of a drug, or as we like to mix things up and keep ourselves on our toes. Leaning into the precipice of life and challenging our capacity and capabilities. On the other end of this spectrum are those of us who fear change. Who like things how we like them and if we could stay the same forever in our little changeless bubble we’d love it…somewhat.

So why do some of us struggle with change, big or small? Like the end of a relationship, accepting we can’t be with someone. Even if it is our choice, or it is theirs. That a job has ended or our entire career is over and we now face a new chapter of life. That we have to leave a place we love and move elsewhere… Then there is change in health, or the experience of a loved one dying or life with a new baby.

What is clear when we look at change and how we experience it is that if we aren’t on or closer to the embracing end of the spectrum, we’re likely creating fear instead. And this brings with it many challenges.

Let’s look at fear when change is in the air. Then beauty, of when we shift from fear to a state of acceptance and, even joy or enthusiasm.

Together, We Also Explore


  • Paralysed by Fear & Staying in Stasis
  • Holding onto Your Story / Version of Reality
  • The paradox of Change
  • Uncertainty & the Power to Change
  • Only Believing Your Version of the Story
  • Open & Expand Mind & Heart
  • The Four Stages of Change;
  • 1. Anticipation – Brain & mind functions
  • 2. Regression – Fear of failure, self-doubt & validation, isolation & looking at ALL your options
  • 3. Breakthrough – Lessons learnt & opportunity gained
  • 4. Consolidation – Alchemising the benefits of change


  • Endings & New Beginnings
  • Harmony & Balance through Tension, Chaos & Conflict
  • Evolutionary & Revolutionary
  • Mental Balance & Wellbeing
  • Impermanence – Psychology of the West, Buddhism of the East and Vedic Astrology
  • Two Key Ways to Calm the Mind
  • Sama Vritti pranayama or Box Breathing
  • You have the Power to Flow

Stella Excerpt

“As I explain to my clients with each of their unique journey’s and experiences of change, the tricky thing is we are here to change and thus evolve; physically, emotionally, mentally, and essentially spiritually. From our bodies capabilities at infancy to full development at adulthood. From our ability to express, then explore emotions, right up to self-regulating our emotions. To our mind learning, growing and expanding. Our way of life changes; where we live, how we live, the relationships we have, the food we like, the clothes we wear, how we spend our days and spare time, what we read, watch, and listen to or how we read, watch and listen to content, what we value even, likely will all change over time too.”

Takeaway Gem

“Each life phase brings its own changes. You can experience this as disruption, pain and fear or, bring your mind and heart, skills and innate abilities to play and flow with this ever-evolving consciousness of life.”

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