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Change: The Fear & The Beauty

(CLICK to Subscribe, Rate & Review on: iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, iHeart Radio, TuneIn) We all relate to change differently. Some of us embrace it, thrive on it, seek it almost like the fix of a drug, or as we like to mix things up and keep ourselves on our toes. Leaning into the precipice of life and challenging our capacity…

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"Inner Beauty Doesn't Exist."

  I say that inner beauty does not exist.     As an ex Miss Universe contestant I have experienced the beauty pageant phenomena first hand. I even wrote part of my masters thesis on Miss Universe’s one chosen ‘beauty’ versus harnessing a collaborative female force to make a positive contribution. You may like to…

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Style, Naturally: The Savvy Shopping Guide

  Stella’s Bedside Table reviews Style, Naturally the savvy shopping guide to sustainable fashion and beauty by Summer Rayne Oakes     From the farms, fields and forests where our products start their journey to the runways, stores and our wardrobes where they eventually reside … When we think of style, sustainability should be synonymous.  …

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