Chemical Pilgrimage ~ Are Drug States Spiritual?

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Some want to feel God, to know God, to be God, some want to escape and avoid life, get high, be one, feel pleasure, have fun and, they want to do this by taking something to get them there…wherever there is.

I’ve been asked many times about drugs – from ayahuasca and peyote to ketamine and LSD. So, I wanted to share the Ageless Wisdom, the ancient spiritual, psychological and soul based insights combined with modern science to answer some of the big questions. Because I understand the alluring, beckoning, glamourous call can seem like the thing to buy into. For some, to buy into it time and time again. But at what cost? For what ends and benefit? And based on what factual knowledge and true wisdom are you or anyone making this choice?

I’m sharing this from the light and love of my soul because I want you to have more to go on if you are yet to make the choice to take a chemical pilgrimage and more to question and contemplate if you already have and maybe intend to continue. Before you do, let’s explore this together;

Together, We Also Explore

  • Setting an intention – does this make it spiritual?
  • How drug states remove sovereign will
  • Playing roulette: good, neutral & bad experiences
  • New studies on alcohol
  • LSD V’s Tantra, Meditation and the Yogic Way
  • Spirituality is the thing that is higher…
  • Lower and higher planes of consciousness
  • Perceiving the higher planes
  • How drugs expand you outwards or down
  • How spirituality takes you upward
  • The dream state of the astral plane: drugs & dreaming
  • Ancient practices we leave behind, Ageless Wisdom we carry forward
  • Drug ‘feelings’, visions and pleasure states
  • Purging: release & renewal or physiological effect?
  • Shaman, sham or false sense of security?
  • Self and spiritual development with a spiritual teacher or therapist
  • Psychology is not of two minds…
  • The choice is yours…

Stella Excerpt

“These chemical pilgrimages whatever the substance have become so normalised, even commercialised now, that perhaps you or anyone you know is not even sceptical about it. But you should be.”

Takeaway Gem

“…drugs will expand your senses outward or downward, but not up. They will give you more of the universe at your level of functioning. The trap is that most people will usually perceive more of the astral and physical world and will assume because it feels or is ‘more’ that it is higher. Which isn’t case. Yes, you may see more things, feel more of the world, experience more pleasure, but drugs cannot help you transcend the lower parts of the planes. It is a tangible chemical, so it has a ceiling limit to what it can do.”

As always, as a sovereign being with free will, the choice is yours. To gamble on the fast track or to commit to the spiritual way which will take more time and require more effort but can take you to the heights your soul and being long to go this lifetime and those to come.

In the light and love of the soul, Elise | S*M

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