Ethical Revolution: The New Right Thing


Ethical. Eco. Conscious. Sustainable. Animal Friendly

Eating organic, plant based and local is one thing, not owning a car and riding or walking as often as possible is another, but having an entirely ethical lifestyle means conscious choices all round. For me this includes the above and what I put on my body; from beauty, skin and hair products to clothing.

As someone who’s been modelling from the age of 7 I’ve seen how fashion comes and goes and the most unglamorous part of all is the landfill each season of discarded fashion creates for mother earth; how dyes ruin and pollute waterways, how workers are mistreated, underpaid and violently abused, how entire communities are destroyed by big companies from Western countries wanting fast, cheap and easy.

In this modern world of ‘fast fashion’ where the turn around of high street trends is out of control I see two ways we can make a change:

1# We vote with our wallets and purses, being aware that every purchase we make is a choice to support organic, fair trade, local, animal friendly, ethical fashion.

2# With all the fashion that already exists if you aren’t buying new that is sustainable buy from op shops, vintage and second hand stores to upcycle the existing and give them an extended life.

We have the power, you and I choose how this story goes. So think twice before you buy that next cute $10 top or designer outfit, shoes and bag; Where is it made? What is it made of? What lives were effected by this? Am I supporting destruction or ethical development? …


Though I may say Green is the new Black – ironic when green is the colour of the heart space / chakra; the place inside your very being that is of unconditional love, peace and loving kindness. All of which we should employ on a daily basis as we go about our lives. You may ask what has this go to do with me? How can I make a difference as just one person? Here’s the thing, you cannot exist outside the life of the Earths ecosystem. You, dear soul do not exist separate to any system of life. You and I and everyone else need air, water, food and land. You are intrinsically integrated into every system irrespective of whether you see each of these systems working in your life.

That said, beyond the ethics of fashion there is every other element of ‘living’ you and I can consider to get eco and conscious about. Below I dive into some of my top eco & ethical articles and ‘how to’s’ I wanted to share with you in celebration of Fashion Revolution Week. We don’t realise how interconnected fashion is to our entire lifestyle and just how interconnected we are to every system on this majestic Earth we call home. Let’s get conscious and take action together!



Sporting my op-shop gear and my new ethical cotton pants from Casa Küma after walking back from a nourishing, organic lunch at Fresh Organic Goods


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Are you aware of your buying power? What goes into your body products, cleaning products and the food you eat?

Are you aware of Palm oil in your products?


I’ve op shopped and thrift’ed around the world; from Perth to Sydney, Paris to London, New York to L.A and back again, and best of all this style of shopping is supporting the art of up-cycling and recycling…

Up-cycling and Thrift shopping


After diving deeper and furthering my studies and research as a health coach I learned that often we need to unlearn what we have been conditioned to believe is true in order to let the truth speak to us.




While I’d rather go naked than eat dairy or meat, if I were to call myself ‘vegan’ would that not mean throwing away every leather, silk and woollen item I own?

On the road to Veganism


Every purchase does make a difference and the more conscious we are as style voyeurs and buyers the greater the positive impact on the fashion industry and essentially, Mother Nature.

Savvy Sustainable Fashion & Beauty – review



The Machinist’s have us asking, what is the human cost of our clothes? – docuementary

Behind the scenes of fashion manufacturing


Who pays the price for our clothing? If the reality of fashion fascinates you like it does me also watch;

A True Cost


I was inspired to write this piece after recently watching A True Cost and by Fashion Revolution this week April 18 – 24,

Who believe “that fashion can be made in a safe, 
clean and beautiful way. Where creativity, quality,
environment and people are valued equally”

Show the label and ask brands;

#Who made my clothes? 


This and every week you want to ask yourself; Who made this? Where is it from? What is it doing to me, the animals, the earth? Do I choose to support this?

Then vote with your card and your cash. You and I have the power in every purchase we make. Choose wisely, choose with integrity, choose for an Eco. Conscious. Sustainable. Animal Friendly. Ethical future.


With Love, Elise / S*M

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