Self-Care for Depression & Dark Times

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We all can benefit from some Sacred Guidance to navigate the depression and dark times that affect us in this human experience. For at some point or often more than one point, along the way we are faced with these challenging times.

 So, let’s explore together a top four of sacred tools that can help you or someone you know who needs some guidance in navigating depression or dark times.


Together, We Also Explore

  • Embodying The Patient Strategist
  • Time – For grief & healing
  • Depression & medication to suppress feeling
  • The circle of life-death-rebirth
  • Meditation & Prayer – a profound longing to connect to something ‘real’
  • Cultivating a morning practice
  • Safe People – To be alone or to seek help and support
  • Rituals of Calm or Joy – ‘Loving action’ as an act of goodwill for yourself
  • Show Up for Another – Selfless service to shift your darkness
  • Action is love in motion
  • Crisis is opportunity for either development and growth to new light, or closing down.
  • …making your way back to the Light

Stella Excerpt

“We can understand here the concept of impermanence; that nothing tangible lasts forever. All that is eternal is the Soul. Everything else is in a constant state of change; of rebuilding or recreating, dying or changing.”


Takeaway Gem

“It is no easy way to navigate such heart aching or life changing darkness that visits you and I and all of us. But you, just like me and those around us, have the ability within if we are open and willing to accept it and take that gentle, patient loving action.”

From darkness to Light, we go.

With Love, Elise | S*M

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