How to Take a Love Break


LOVE BREAK time, Lover!

Any season can be a crazy season, be it with deadlines hitting, catchups increasing and demands on your time being sky high. Single or coupled your work schedule shouldn’t stop you from taking regular, personal ‘Love Breaks’. This sacred, reboot and refuel time is essential to nourish your relationship with self; your first, most important relationship of your life.


HeartStorming (brainstorming, from the heart)

Take a deep fully belly inhale with me here, now exhale and let it out completely. Now find a space you love to sit down and do some ‘HeartStorming’ with the guidance written just for you below – so you can start to plan how you can Take A Love Break now; be it for a moment, a day or, a full blown mini break or vacation.


Here are some simple questions and kick starters to get you into Love Break mode;



What are my passions? What lights me up, turns me on and gets me excited about life?!

If the word passion feels too strong and you don’t feel that way for anything at this point in time look towards what makes you feel curious;

What am I curious about? What am I curious enough about to look into and try?

(Such as a class or workshop, a new detox tea or making a DIY scrub, going on a holiday to somewhere exotic for a nourishing retreat.)

What are my interests I currently pursue and other interests I have yet to explore but feel drawn to?


Alone Time

When can I schedule time out to be alone this week (and every week) to do what I desire?

Be it 5-15 minutes, an hour or two, a day, a weekend or longer.

*Schedule. This. Now.


Nourishment; Body, Mind, Heart, Soul & Spirit


What nourishing food do I love to prepare and eat that heal and fuels my body, mind and soul?

What nourishing whole foods have I yet to try that I’m drawn to? (Such as vegan, vegetarian, local farmers market finds…)

What physical activity do I enjoy and practice regularly? What would I like to try, or commit to as a physical practice?


Have I tried; Meditation, mindfulness or floating?

What do I do for my mind to calm down, let go and get present?

Heart, Soul & Spirit

Going Deeper Within yourself to your very core can be as simple as laying down in a safe and sacred spot and placing your hands on your heart, or one on heart one on belly.

Breathing deeply for full inhales and long exhales. Connecting to the beat of your own heart, to your breath, to the Divinity that is you. Bringing your awareness and attention deep inside. Calm, centred, present, alert, you can open to guidance of what wants to come forth and be seen and heard. What your inner core and highest self, your Soul and the Great Divine Spirit wants you to be aware of at this moment in time.

This is a practice that can be done first thing when you wake as you lay in bed, any time throughout the day (even sitting up) and last thing at night as you prepare to sleep.


*A Love Break can even be sipping clean water from a cocktail glass in you lingerie!*


Integrity Check-in

Staying true to yourself by allowing your heart and highest self to guide you as opposed to being swayed by others opinions, pressure of the moment, or the inner voice of your ego. You need to take a break at times to sit with how something is making you feel and ask yourself; is this in alignment with my heart? Does this feel right? What do I need to do or say to stay true to me?


Be Present and Listen

This goes hand and hand with checking in; listening to your; heart, guides, highest self, the powers that be as they assist you. Intuitively you may feel like you need a break. That you want to step outside and into fresher air, be by water, go for a hike, take the weekend to getaway and be alone, go for a long drive or switch off your phone and notifications including email . All of these are wonderful opportunities for Love Breaks.

The Love especially comes from honouring your heart, honouring yourself on every level by giving what it is asking for. The body talks to you, your heart talks to you, your senses, emotional shifts and energy talks to you. It is your role to facilitate, listen and respond in order to awaken your most Divinely Empowered and aligned version of self.

If you are ever in doubt or stuck simply ask yourself; “What would Love do?”

Or recite a simple mantra such as “I let go, I forgive, for I am love”.


You’ve got this. No matter what is going on around you right now, the pressures, the rushing, the expectations of others, above all else to be of greatest service in every way to self and others you are required to check-in with YOU. Honour all that you are by taking a Love Break today.


With Love, Elise / S*M

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