Botox – More War on Beauty

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I’d love the war on beauty to end and instead see a world embrace Beauty, Botox Free

Beauty today is so glamourised and sexualised that it’s not ‘seen’ in its truth. Beauty has morphed into a tired ideal.

It’s sold to us as something that is deliberately exclusive and often unattainable – meaning a very small few are deemed beautiful, thus we as a humanity are shown and start to believe in a very small and restricted ‘beauty’ ideal. This may come and go in trend waves but it is always present none the less. In the 90’s we saw Supermodels with bust and curves, then the waif or heroin chic movement came in Vogue before an athletic and muscular physic and now bust and booty are in together along with the hyper-accentuation of everything you can imagine almost to cartoon like proportions – from hair and eye lash extensions, plumped cheeks and lips, Botoxed face and neck, with a mask of contoured make-up (that takes how long to apply?), along with fake nails, fake tan,…the list goes on and on and on and that’s just to leave the house to buy some gluten free bread.

Let’s journey together into Botox & More War on Beauty…

Together, We Also Explore

  • The Tibetan approach to life & ‘enough’
  • Botox – the quest for eternal youth
  • flaccid paralysis and the details on the science
  • Botox, the 1820’s, a German scientist and pork sausages!
  • What Your Beauty Injector May Not Know – the unspoken facts on Botox
  • Botox and it’s connection with your central nervous system
  • Animal testing, Ahimsa & the inhibiting of vital brain chemicals
  • Seeking authentic Beauty
  • Stories, side effects, more science, & psychology of facial expression
  • Self-worth, celebrity & unattainable ‘beauty’ ideals
  • Esoteric take on beauty – radiating from heart, coming from within
  • Will I be using Botox?
  • Cutting the life phases of the feminine; the maiden, the mother and no more crone
  • Ending the War on Beauty

Stella Excerpt

“The question isn’t to Botox or not to Botox, but whether you can own what you’re becoming with integrity, truth, love-wisdom and (authentic) beauty.”

Takeaway Gem


I question, is selling an unattainable ‘beauty’ stripping peoples’ self-worth?

How is your self worth when you look around at what you’re told is beautiful?

Is this a form of perpetual enslavement?

Are you a slave in this ‘War On Beauty’?


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