Desire ~ From the Playground to the Path

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Ever noticed yourself looking for love in the all the wrong places?

How about validation?



Quick, feel good hits?

Even looking for ‘spiritual’ experiences, authentic knowledge, sacred wisdom, guidance and truth in the wrong places?

Because your desire nature leads you to the shiny, the sexy, the alluring and the “you can have it all now!” sales copy and smooth talkers. You’re not being led by your pure heart, your clear conscious mind or, your soul.

It’s not easy to rise above the animal nature of desires – the escapism (and at times addiction) of all that you crave, lust over and want; from sex and food, to shopping and porn, and all that’s in between.

So, how do you cultivate control and will? How do you shift the primal animal desires, pleasure seeking or even sexual nature to a desire of the heart or something higher? This is what I want to share and explore together with you today.


Together, We Also Explore

  • You have a Will-to-Live but are you living?
  • The search for Happiness
  • Seeing behind the veil of illusions & desires
  • Searching for glamourous short cuts
  • The inner doorway to higher worlds
  • Your worth and strengthening spiritual connection
  • Knowing your power and the choice of ‘Right Desires’

Six Key Tips:

  •  All you see here is not real
  • Witness, Watch then Conquer your desires and false power
  • Alchemising Desire into Will
  • Daily Stillness
  • Morning Ritual
  • Envisage a Plan – a Divine tomorrow today
  • Together We Rise – Unite with Others on the Path (relationships to invest in, relationship to release)
  • Reclaim the Invisible, the Mystical & Esoteric (plus a short guided exercise).


Stella Excerpt

…any extreme, any addiction, anything that controls you that you cannot say “no” to and use your Will against is a desire that is driving YOU. And is thus using you as the puppet on a string. No matter how much you try convince yourself you can stop anytime, can you? Will you? Or, will you stay a slave to your own desires? Sometimes it is the slaying of former habits and desires on the Path that help you evolve. We must fight against desire or we will not grow.

Takeaway Gem

You no longer want to remain at the effect of these forces which you once thought you had no control over. Now you know you can take back control. You know you have the ability, the innate power to control your own reactions, thoughts, feelings, actions. That lifting your lower desire nature to higher consciousness can only be brought about by conscious choices and actions.


The possibility begins now and I’m right here to guide you there if you are willing and ready to leave the pseudo-spiritual playground and all those old toys of desire behind. And begin the journey toward your secret doorway within the sacred temple on the mountain.

With Love, Elise | S*M


  1. Deserea on January 15, 2019 at 7:54 am

    Your Podcast really is bringing up choices within me. I am looking to take steps to make changes even though the steps will be small. I loved listening to your Podcast, I realised that this is connecting with me in ways that I hadn’t felt before. Thank you StellaMuse.

    • stellamuse on January 15, 2019 at 10:08 pm

      …it’s amazing when we open to all that is of truth, love-wisdom and innate beauty how we can see ourselves and thus the world with clearer vision…to make those conscious, right choices that serve us and humanity best. I love this. Thank you, Deserea for sharing and for tuning into the ‘Sacred Guidance with StellaMuse’ podcast. With Love, Elise | S*M

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