Tantra – Awakening the Divinely Empowered Man


No ‘Happy Ending’ Here, Only Orgasmic Consciousness for Awakening


This article is for the ladies to share with their men and for the men to share amongst each other.


When it comes to men’s sexual fantasies the image of a ‘Tantric Goddess’ able to give them a mind-blowing orgasm by performing something they’ve never seen done before is often at the forefront of their mind. However, that isn’t the goal or even necessarily an option when a man has a session with a Tantra practitioner walking the conscious path of light. Whether she calls herself a Tantrika, Dakini, Shakti, Goddess or practitioner she is the one leading the way; as a channel for the Divine to flow through and serve by facilitating a session for the client’s souls best interest, not their ego.


Tantric Relationships

There are two types of Tantric relationships, ‘lover and beloved’ (the sacred union of a Tantric couple) and ‘teacher and student’. This can look very different depending on who you connect with. As a practitioner of the sacred art that is Tantra I have very non-negotiable boundaries around my work. I am here to be a guide, mentor and teacher to assist with healing, educating, empowering and enriching the students’ journey along their Tantric path. Providing them with knowledge and wisdom along with the tools to help themselves. I come from a place of non-judgment, loving kindness and compassion not as ‘sexually available’ or ‘easy’ which practitioners in the healing arts and sacred sexuality can be assumed to be.

It’s important to be honest with yourself if you are a man seeking; someone to facilitate and guide you along the Tantric path to deepen your relationship with self and or your beloved, or you a seeking erotic stimulation. One is often shared with a teacher and one is to be explored alone or shared with your current or future partner. When the lines of professionalism blur the sacred space that is created and the trust can easily shatter.


Lifting the Veil on Fantasy & Glamour

One of the greatest challenges some men face when they first start working with me is distinguishing between what is real and what is illusion. What I call fantasy and glamour they may call pornography. It is the psychology of pornography of no heart connection, no reverence, worship or love that skews a man’s programming (and women’s too for that matter). For a man, he may think that the visual imagery he sees is a demonstration of how he needs to perform, how he needs to act, how he can treat women and what he needs to be in order to fulfil the fantasy of a ‘powerful man’. Nothing could be further from the truth when this fantasy is stripped back.

Tantra is the merging together of both sacred sexuality and spirituality. There is nothing sacred or spiritual about pornography. Void of heart, it cannot reach any heights other than brief, friction induced orgasm.

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Transforming Lust into Ecstasy

Working at the core of each person’s soul, be them male or female I focus on their energy; where it is, why it is there, what is obstructing it from flowing freely and how best I can guide them to where they need to be.  In particular, with Tantra this focus is on moving and directing energy that resides in the lower region of the body; in the genitals, up to the heart space and further up to the mind’s eye or third eye. There is no need to use the touch of hands or any other part of body to physically guide, neither is there a need to disrobe. The power of focus, intention, breath and visualisation of the student and myself combined with my intuition, wisdom and knowledge as a Tantra practitioner is all that is called for along with Divine guidance.

Hands on body touch can be a part of a professional Tantric session if that is agreed upon by both the student and the teacher. However, I feel strongly that with the above mentioned the power to shift the energy through or up the body can be reached without contact and instead this deep intimacy of contact can be savoured for sacred time alone and or with a beloved.

In saying this, men seeking what they think are ‘Tantra sessions’ but are only after penis / ‘Lingam’ touch and genital massage will not find what they want working with someone like myself, as I don’t off this as a professional service despite my training. While there are practitioners who offer and hold a place for this it is beneficial only if the student also has; the intention of practicing their breath work, PC squeezes, moving sexual energy etc. at home and progressing beyond the lower chakra, animalistic and primal fixation – once the ‘healing’ or trauma is worked though. But, a continued desire to stay here, seeking only genital touch for genital touch sake, simply seeking constant release and pleasure is not honouring the true path of Tantra. For Tantra is a weaving together to expand consciousness, it is a merging of body, heart, soul and mind with the Divine, not a ‘need’ for a quick self-gratifying orgasm in any setting.

You may enjoy watching the video on 3 Levels of Sexuality to see where along the path you are today.


Shifting into the Ecstasy of Consciousness

When you stretch yourself beyond the conditioning mindset of hand job / head job / penetration / orgasm, and begin to understand the power and potentiality that resides within, learning the sacred art of Tantra, you can change your life. You can learn skills and techniques such as those to unlocking a full body orgasm and the power of scheduling sacred love making sessions. Through the teachings you can learn how to heal yourself; cure premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, difficulty with orgasm, with being present, and difficulty with connecting heart and consciousness to be a lover who is worshipped and seen for all he is.

By choosing and committing to move beyond the standard orgasm and learning to master the art of orgasm without ejaculation, letting go of the ego driving, of having to perform and instead awaken your heart and mind to your highest sexual and spiritual fulfilment you can reawaken as a new man. A Divinely Empowered Man; conscious and connected to his own lingam, heart and mind, ready to share all of himself with his partner, so she too will open to share all of herself with him.


Merging of Souls; body, heart, mind & beyond

To truly, deeply know how to fulfil a woman you need to know the depths of your own self and then how to connect and worship her. Not only her body and the sacred ‘yoni’ (entire female sexual space) but also her heart and mind. To penetrate her heart and soul through your presence and touch in the bedroom and well before you get there, so she will open to you like no other. For guidance on where to start you may enjoy; Ecstasy in Making Love and Being Love.

When you learn the Tantric path, and can weave these practices into your relationship you will create a sacred union; a place of knowing that what the two of you share is sacred, electrifying, juicy, sensual, pure love, joy and ever evolving. That what you awaken within you is greater than any external or ‘fantasy’ version of power. True empowerment, sexual and otherwise resides inside you.

This merging of all that you are from within requires you to step up and commit to taking a journey. Some believe awakening the power that is curled up like a resting serpent deep inside of you at the base of your spine, known as Kundalini or your sexual life force energy, can be aroused with Tantric practice. Others believe she is already awake within you and it is your role as a devoted Divinely Empowered Man in touch and in control of his masculine power, in harmony with his heart and openly connected with consciousness that this profound energy will shift and expand when you are ready; when your energy points and highest self is able to hold her full strength.

The journey is yours, one of free will and of conscious choice, which can be used to turn your life into a Tantric one of orgasmic transformation and consciousness if and when you are ready. For you are here to rise and shine dear man, to embody your truth and live as the empowered soul you are here to be. Your ‘wand of light’ is an instrument of healing. If you still seek ‘fantasy’ to take you there for a moment just imagine connecting with your heart and that of your beloved as you enter her and see, sense, feel healing energy streaming from your ‘lingam’ into her sacred space of worship….and where that has the potential to take you.


Starting with these four free videos you can choose today to Gift Yourself A Sacred, Tantric Relationship and Life.


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With Love, Elise / S*M


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